Top Microgreens For Optimum Health

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Microgreens are somewhere in between sprouts and baby greens. They are very nutritious and healthy to consume either in a salad or on a juice. Microgreen varieties are much more flavorful and sprouted greens and much more nutritional in value than baby greens. Let?s take a look at some of the top microgreen varieties you can grow for food and ultimately a healthier lifestyle.

Celery.This powerful member of the micro green varieties can come in both dark green or light green in color. Organic micro greens like celery are packed with nutrients despite their small size. They also have a very powerful taste that can really take over your taste buds minutes after consumption. It?s recommended to soak the seeds for about three days to sowing in order to make sure that that it germinates much faster.

Beets.This microgreen provider offers long red and purple stems that are ready in about 18 days after planting. Bets are one of the most popular micro green varieties that many farmers love to plant and can be used in a variety of dishes.

Garden Cress.Garden cress is specialty produce that is commonly used in sandwiches. They can be harvested in two weeks and possess a very peppery taste that adds a kick of flavor in your food of choice. Other than a sandwich you can add this power food to soups and salads as well.

Mustards.While there may be several mustard greens to choose from, the most commonly used are the green ones. This member of the micro green varieties have a very pungency taste commonly known to exist in the condiment form. They become ready for harvest in 14 to 16 days when the first couple of leaves start to appear in the plant.

Chives.Well known for their grass like appearance, this monocot will take you about one month to reach the level of maturity that would include it in the micro green varieties family. You can snip them off 1 to 2 inches in length and continue harvesting them for even longer. This is a technique that can also be used when harvesting wheatgrass another monocot within the micro green varieties

When adding micro greens to salads or smoothies
, it all depends on your personal taste. Both cool season and hot season micro herbs can be grown successfully indoors as long as you create the right environment and atmosphere. Micro greens give you the opportunity to grow nutrient rich plant without a garden.

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