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Why a Real Wasabi Supplier Has Premium Prices

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Do you understand the difference between real wasabi and the green paste often served with sushi? This video will help you out with that. It contrasts them concisely to show why the authentic one has a high price tag. And below, you’ll find three factors that drive the cost of this rare plant high.

1. Difficulty in Cultivating

Wasabi is hard to cultivate commercially. The plant is delicate and requires special conditions to grow. These include semi-shaded areas near flowing spring water. It also takes about over a year of manual maintenance before harvesting. This makes it one of the world’s rarest crops.

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2. Low Yields of Premium Wasabi Paste

The rare plant often contains small amounts of premium paste. So it can take a real wasabi supplier several stems to get something substantial when going for quality. This leads to a great amount of work before the best wasabi can be collected.

3. Highly Perishable

Wasabi can lose its flavor and sting after a few minutes of grating. This means it needs to be shipped quickly while fresh and at the right temperatures. This takes a high degree of professionalism and speed.

Wrapping Up

A real wasabi supplier must have premium prices. That’s because there are cultivation challenges, scarcity, and low yields per stem. The plant also requires tight quality control to remain fresh and flavorful. So an authentic one is well worth the cost compared to the cheaper horseradish-mustard substitute.


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