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Category: Micro basil

Sep 19

How Organic Micro Greens Can Help Elevate Your Home Cooking to New Levels

For a lot of people, cooking and making delicious cuisine at home can be an intensely rewarding experience. Food is a great way to reach the hearts of people and cooking for family and friends can definitely be a rewarding experience if you can give people you care about new culinary experiences they can cherish. This can mean refining your techniques, learning about new cuisine, and always being on the lookout for interesting, exciting ingredients and food components that you can creatively use in your home kitchen. In fact, being guided by new ingredients and getting to make use of them can be a great way to evolve as a home cook.

This is where micro herbs and organic micro greens can truly be exciting components for you to explore in your home kitchen. Using true leaves and edible flowers have become more popular in restaurants and professional kitchens across the country and for good reason. With better availability of these exciting food components, you can definitely start

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Jan 19

Microgreens A Great Accent for Your Food

Microgreens are small plants, consisting of a stem and leaves, and they are produced from young vegetables and plants. They are completely edible and are usually between one and two inches long. Many chefs in the fine dining industry are using microgreens to add a vibrant and delicious accent to their dishes. Although microgreens have been around for about two or three decades, this is a food trend that has just recently began to really take off, and consumers are simply loving it.

Big, Vibrant Flavors

Whether you have crystallized rose petals on your cake, herb crystals in your pasta, or some organic microgreens in your salad, you will experience tastes and flavors that are rich, vibrant, and delicious. There are a wide range of options as far as how microgreens can be used, and many higher class restaurants are utilizing them in dish after dish after receiving rave reviews from their customers.

There’s no doubt that, if you have yet to try microgreens, then you are mis

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Jan 16

3 Things You Need to Know About Edible Flowers

Micro flowers

Flowers are often the centerpiece for major events. From graduations, to birthdays, to holidays, and to weddings, they play quite a large role in “big days.” A growing trend in the last few years has been edible flowers. They can take any party to the next level, and they can be a wonderful treat! Check out a few interesting notes on this growing trend!

Regular Flowers

There are nearly 100 types of garden flowers that you can eat. They’re just common flows that you would find in front of your home. These kinds of flowers have a ton of health benefits, and when you get them right from the source, you know they are natural! They also come in a ton of forms and

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