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Category: Bottleless water cooler

May 13

A Great Water Cooler is Useful for Much More than Just a Place to Chat

Bottleless water cooler

The only substance found naturally in all three common states of matter is water, and it is a necessity for every form of life on the planet. On top of that, it covers roughly 70 percent of Earth for a staggering total of nearly 332.5 million cubic miles. As a result, it is no wonder that people commonly meet around the water cooler to talk about the big game from last night or the latest office gossip. But since traditional coolers can be prone to germ and, consequently, spreading illness, many locations should consider installing bottleless water coolers. By switching to bottleless water coolers, businesses will provide their employees with the refreshment they need and not have to worry as much about the potential spread of germs and bacteria.

Quite often, the neck of a five gallon water bottle will be contaminated, which could cause entire bottles of water that are filled there to be contaminated. But many bottleless water coolers feature filters that do well to provide drinkers with clean water. A carbon filter can remove volatile organic chemicals like ammonia, chlorine, and many others from water. So they are an essential part of bottleless water coolers that keep people hydrated and healthy.

In addition to being healthier, bottleless water coolers can be much easier to manage and more convenient, especially in an office setting. 5 gallon coolers can be difficult to change, unwieldy, and take up lots storage space. But by installing bottleless water coolers, offices will be able to provide employees with great tasting, clean water in a way that is easy to manage. While bottleless water coolers might cause individuals to spend more time chatting around the water cooler, at least they will not be getting sick while doing so.

In order to stay productive during a workday, many individuals will keep a bottle of water on their desk to stay refreshed and avoid dry mouth. Others might want to sip tea or another drink to get a bit more flavor. Luckily, many bottleless water coolers offer both hot and cold taps, so users can get water of either temperature. On a hot day, many will want a cold bottle of water to keep cool, but if they are feeling low on energy, a hot cup of tea might help them power through the afternoon. Either way, bottleless water coolers are a great resource for offices that want to be sure to stay productive. Helpful links:

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