Celebrate Summer with Ice Cream!

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Ice cream party supplies

What’s in your gelato cup? When you love gelato, chances are that you keep your eye on traditional, seasonal, as well as newly-released flavors. Since there are so many from which to choose, it will take quite a few shiny, colorful gelato spoons to explore them all!

Were you aware that 90% of American households indulge in frozen desserts on a regular basis? Whether it’s a gelato cup packed full of Tahitian vanilla or an ice cream cup overflowing with strawberries and cream, people in the United States love their frozen desserts.

The proverbial average person in America is expected to have a dish of ice cream at least 28 times this year. Research conducted by the NPD Group showed that 40% of Americans will have a dish of ice cream within any 2-week period. While this may work out to Americans enjoying this creamy treat twice a month, chances are it will be more often since summer is on its way. It wouldn’t be surprising to learn that some people indulge their love of ice cream and gelato a little bit every day.

The most ice cream is produced in June, just in time for summer heat and National Ice Cream Day. Thanks to United States dairy farmers, there is more than enough milk to produce all of this ice cream. Approximately 9% of the milk that these farmers’ cows produce goes into making ice cream. Milk is also used to create gelato and frozen yogurt, of course.

The International Ice Cream Association member companies report that vanilla is still at the top of the list for 28% of its consumers. Since there are so many varieties of vanilla, this is not surprising. Furthermore, in addition to being enjoyed by itself, vanilla ice cream is a well-known, favorite topping or accompaniment for a long list of cakes, pies, cookies, and brownies.

When you’re in the process of stocking your shelves full of ice cream shop supplies, remember to have a large container of colorful tasting supplies close by. Since Americans love to experience new flavors, chances are that you’ll encourage them to try more than a few.

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