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For the Healthiest Choice, Find Wagyu Beef for Sale

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Buy wagyu beef online

When deciding on whether or not to buy grass fed wagyu beef for sale, it is important to understand the benefits of choosing grass-fed beef.

For example, grass-fed beef is shown to be higher in omega-3 fatty acids, which is rich in Vitamins A ad E. It also has seven times more beta carotene than the beef from grain-fed cattle.

Despite the health benefits, grass-fed cattle makes up less than 3% of all the beef sold in the United States. The majority of beef currently on the market comes from cows that are grain-fed, which means they are also more likely to have antibiotics in their system, which is ingested through the meat.

Cows that are not grass fed, may be getting all sorts of things fed to them through them through the grain feed. Fillers in animal food are commonly used to make the animal fatten up faster in order to increase profits. The problem is that the beef coming from the cows is only as healthy as the cow is.

Many animals including cows are being fed modified grain as well, which means the chemicals and processes used to create the modified grain is also going into the cow. Some animals are given various hormones to help with their growth and antibiotics to control infections. This is common in cattle, both meat and dairy cows, as well as chickens and farm-bred fish.

Many may argue the importance how the cattle are housed and treated prior to being processed. You may hear the phrase “free range” when referring to meat animals such as cows and chickens. Animal rights and treatment is important as well. However, as a consumer of meat, knowing what is going in the meat is essential to overall health.

wagyu beef for sale is a solid option because it provides a high-quality meat from grass fed cattle. Wagyu refers to Japanese breed cattle, which are typically bred for work and meat.

If you wouldn’t feed your family hormones and antibiotics for dinner, than you should not feed them beef full of hormones and antibiotics. Grass fed steaks and free range chicken are higher quality; you will be able to taste the difference.

You can find wagyu beef online, as well as wild caught Alaskan salmon, and free range chicken. Some will argue that grass fed cattle and free range chickens are more expensive than the traditional meats found in most grocery stores, which is true. However, they are more expensive because there is more care and work put into raising the animals the right way. It is cost effective to keep cattle in tightly packed barns, where their movement is restricted and they are force fed grain to fatten them up as quickly as possible and send them off to processing.

Despite the increased cost, it is healthy and better quality making it taste better. Check online for Wagyu beef for sale.

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