Five Important Characteristics of a Corporate Dining Room


Cafeteria services

Many employers are including cafeteria vendors into their workspaces. Having onsite food options for employees carries many advantages including more productivity, income generation, and an overall increase in employee morale. It is important to choose cafeteria vendors that meet your business needs and that provide the most convenience to your employees. The following services are useful in a corporate cafeteria.

A large selection of food choices
People are more willing to eat their meals on site if they have many options to choose from. It is important to have a wide selection of food choices that cater to all food preferences and dietary restrictions. An estimated 45 million Americans go on a diet each year, so healthy meal choices are a must. You might even consider offering meals that fall into the vegetarian and vegan categories. There should also be a good selection of drink choices, as some employees prefer juices, while others prefer water or coffee drinks.

A good location that is easy to access
The cafeteria vendors should also be in a convenient location. Employees are unlikely to use the cafeteria services if they are far from their office or they are difficult to access. Try to choose a location that is central to all employees. Many employees get short lunch breaks and would rather spend their break relaxing than commuting or walking to the corporate dining room. You will also reduce the urge for employees to work from their desk. According to a Right Management survey, 39% of employees usually eat at their desks, however, there are tremendous performance advantages to stepping away from your workstation.

Additional convenience services
Offering additional conveniences will also help to improve employee satisfaction. Some cafeteria vendors, for example, offer pickup and drop off meals. Employees can order their meals and have them delivered right to their office. This is a valuable service for those employees that choose to work through lunch or for office meetings and events. The business usually does not incur any extra expenses for these convenience services, as the cafeteria service providers are simply walking the meals to another on site location.

A comfortable dining area
Employees do not want to feel like they are in the office while on their lunch break. Make sure the corporate cafeteria is large enough for all employees and that work related tasks are kept out of it. It can also be helpful to have computers or WiFi connection areas set up. Employees can bring their work with them if needed. They can also catch up on nonwork related tasks. TVs and low music can also be a nice advantage that employees are sure to enjoy.

A good supply of coffee
Coffee is one of the most common drinks in workplace settings. While most offices have a coffee corner that consists of a small coffee maker and a single type of coffee, employees will appreciate different flavors. Creating an extensive coffee bar is low cost, but will have huge returns. The coffee itself has stimulating benefits, thus increasing both employee morale and productivity. Many employees will see it as a perk of their position.

With so many advantages to onsite food and drinks, corporate cafeterias are a good thing. Following this trend, more and more businesses are implementing a corporate cafeteria into their building. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) estimates that more than 25% of firms with 100 to 2,500 employees have onsite cafeterias. Employees are happier, more productive, and spend more time at the office site.

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