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Plastic Packaging Why It’s Integral To The Food Industry

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Food metal detectors

Food packaging equipment is crucial to ensuring that food is not only properly packaged, but as safe for consumption as possible. Mass-produced food is convenient, and therefore popular amongst consumers — it’s also easily distributed among large grocery stores. However, mass production means a greater risk for error. Food could be improperly packaged, or even contaminated with things like metal. This is why food metal detectors are so important to the food packaging industry. X-ray food inspection ensures that the packaging of product is effective, while at the same time verifying that the food in question wasn’t contaminated with metals prior to being packaged. Of course, many people have misconceptions about the food packaging industry — which is why, without further ado, we’ll look into what makes food packaging, and equipment like food metal detectors, indispensable to the industry.

How Does Plastic Packaging Make A Difference?

There is a reason why the food packaging industry relies upon plastic packaging. Plastic packaging is easily manipulated, and can conform the size and shapes of different food products with ease. Plastic packaging is efficient — just two pounds of plastic can deliver about 1,300 ounces of beverage such as juice, soda, or water. Comparably, three pounds of aluminum, eight pounds of steel, and over 40 pounds of glass would be needed to handle the same tsk. For that matter, plastic packaging can cut down on food waste. This is because plastic packaging seals food, keeping it from spoiling and for that matter protecting it from contaminants. It’s estimated that each pound of plastic packaging can cut down food waste by up to 1.7 pounds. Plastic packaging can come in the form of vacuum sealers as well — vacuum sealers preserve food three to five times longer than typical plastic bags or containers. Therefore, the benefits of using plastic packaging are undeniable.

Why Does The Industry Use Food Metal Detectors?

We don’t want to imply that metal contaminating food is an overly common occurrence, but it does happen. If metal is found in food, an entire brand can be damaged, and sometimes even multiple brands. Food metal detectors are often able to detect even minute traces of metal. A typical food metal detector can sense three types of metal: ferrous, non ferrous, and stainless steel.

How Do People React To Plastic Packaging?

In recent years, concerns about the environment have led to consumers becoming less fond of plastic packaging. But companies can still use plastic packaging while at the same time making a positive impact on the environment. This can be done through recycling, which can even be promoted through packaging labels. Not only does this help the environment — it helps brands, with 52% of people around the world making purchasing decisions in part because of packaging that illustrates a company making positive social and environmental changes.

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