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Seasonal Menus Are In Trendy Tips For Throwing A Fun Party

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When you put a lot of money and time into an event, you want to make sure it’ll become an evening or night to remember. Whether this is looking up the latest in event catering ideas or simply choosing good caterers, every little effort goes a long way. If you’re throwing a party or a get-together soon, you’re probably wondering how you can stand out from the pack. Do you go all out with extravagant event catering ideas or do you keep your display and food selection simple? Let’s take a look at all the ways you can make your birthday party or office party a success, as well as common pitfalls you should avoid and budget-saving tips.

Caterers And Deliveries

A good party deserves a good caterer. If you want to stay within a budget but still deliver on quality, an off-site caterer can offer pre-ordered and plated meals in lieu of a buffet or food station. In nearly every single case where you’re hiring a caterer, keep in mind leftovers are not kept by the guests. You’re only going to get what you and your guests ate unless additional specifications were written on the contract. At the end of the day, a good caterer should deliver food on time, comply closely with food safety laws and make your party as convenient as possible.

Menus And Ideas

Seasonal menus are in. They reflect the nature of the season, are limited-edition and create an air of excitement for both the hosts and the guests. If you’re worried about varying diets and particular tastes, creating a custom dinner catering menu will be the best way of keeping everyone happy — double-check for allergies, alternative diets or lactose intolerant guests to ensure everyone’s covered when it’s time to eat. Event catering ideas thrive on the creative, after all, and what works for one party doesn’t necessarily work for the other.

Appetizers And Bars

There’s no need to default to chips and dips. Your food bars can be customized at will, from the desserts to the main course, and the sky’s the limit for all the different elements you can toss in to spice things up. For cocktail hours it’s best to start small — try antipasto skewers with a grape tomato or a ball of mozzarella with fresh basil oil. Simple finger foods that can whet people’s appetite without spoiling it. For food bars you can’t go wrong with salsa and guacamole bars, combining healthy recipes with reliably tasty results.

Desserts And Drinks

Everyone loves a good dessert. Your event catering ideas should always include something for people to look forward to after mingling, eating the main course and grabbing a favorite drink. Tea sandwiches, champagne towers and cocktails are still trendy, with cupcakes and cake pops considered more stylish options in lieu of traditional tiered cakes. Macarons are both cute and tasty, perfect for matching indoor decorations, and fruity drinks are perfect for the spring and summer season. Sound like a lot to remember? Just hire the best event planner and it’s all uphill from here.

Throwing The Ideal Party

Now for a refresher. Any and all menus should be carefully analyzed for allergies and alternative diets to satisfy all parties, while a food caterer can make this process much easier on top of providing buffets, food bars or pre-plated dishes. Seasonal menus are the way to go nowadays, regardless of whether you’re throwing an office party or baby shower, and healthy finger foods can be a great way to get your guests excited for the main event. Last, but not least, remember to have fun when designing your events and catering. Your guests will, after all!

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