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Choosing a Venue for All of Your Wedding Weekend Events

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There is a lot involved with planning a wedding. Most weddings, for example, consist of multiple events, spread out over numerous days. You also have to keep in mind guest accommodations and wedding day plans that fit within a strict schedule. When you are viewing possible places for wedding receptions during the planning process, you will also want to keep these additional factors in mind. Although most places for wedding receptions have a beautiful reception area, your event will also require other events.

Rehearsal and rehearsal dinner

Most wedding events include some type of a rehearsal, followed by a rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal ensures that all members of the bridal party are prepared for their duties. It also allows the bride and groom to practice their walk down the aisle. The rehearsal dinner usually directly follows the actual rehearsal. It is an event for the bridal party to celebrate and prepare for the big day. It is a chance to spend this exciting time with your close friends and family members.

If you will be walking down the aisle at the reception venue, it makes sense to also have the rehearsal there. The more familiar that everyone is with the space, the less chance that there will be any problems. Request to also view any available rehearsal dinner and rehearsal space. You will also want to request any availability that is close to your wedding day. If you have people coming in from out of town, it is best to do it the night before.

Guest activities

Weddings bring a lot of guests in from out of town. These guests will appreciate any type of activities that are already planned or available to them. The wedding is only a couple of hours and they will require activities to fill their time. A great way to provide guests with both activity and easy access to the wedding reception is at a golf course. There are many places for wedding receptions that sit directly on golf courses. The large, expansive, and green landscape makes for the perfect wedding backdrop. It also allows your guest to shoot a couple holes before the wedding begins.

Ceremony location

An increasing number of couples are getting married outside of the church today. You can still have a religious ceremony outside of the actual church. Outdoor weddings especially are on the rise. Some of the best places to have a wedding are overlooking beautiful bodies of water. According to statistics offered by Hudson Valley Weddings, 35% of weddings are now outdoor occasions. Additionally, more couples are booking their wedding ceremony and reception at the same place for better convenience. When looking at places for wedding receptions, also request the possibility of any outdoor wedding ceremony locations.

Post wedding day brunch

Many guests will book a room the night of the hotel. If you request that all guests stay in the hotel, you can say your final farewells the next morning. Organize a post wedding day brunch to thank your guests from out of town. They will appreciate the meal and will enjoy the additional personal time with the new bride and groom. Keep in mind breakfast options when looking at places for wedding receptions. During a survey, 67% of respondents stated that ethic inspired breakfast and brunch items (e.g. Asian flavored syrups, Chorizo scrambled eggs, coconut milk pancakes) was a hot trend for restaurant menus in 2015.

Choosing a wedding reception location is one of the biggest parts of wedding planning. The average budget for just the wedding ceremony and reception is $28,385. This numbers continues to increase every year. When you are looking at potential reception locations, keep other events in mind as well. You may also want to book a party following your rehearsal. Other events might include a post wedding day brunch or planned activities for your out of town guests, like golf. Finding a venue that offers one location for all of these events can decrease the confusion and increase the entertainment of your wedding weekend.

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