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Favorite Hispanic Dessert Flan Uses the Freshest Ingredients



Whether you enjoy the mildest salsa, the freshest guacamole, or the most flavorful fajitas during the main course of your home prepared Mexican fiesta, you will likely also be using your best como hacer flan skills for a memorable dessert.
True Hispanic food is not the spicy foods that some have come to expect. Instead, a traditional Mexican cook is skilled in como hacer flan and other time consuming methods that create rich flavors he or she wants to pass on to friends as well as family. Family recipe cards and memories are full of delightful desserts like a tres leches cake recipe, and main course entrees like a spicy tamale recipe. At the heart of all these recipes is fresh flavorful ingredients like avocados.
Unlike many processed foods found on Mexican fast food menus, avocados provide a healthy eating option. In one survey, patients experienced a 22% decrease in bad cholesterol and triglyceride levels and an 11% increase in good cholesterol numbers after just one week of eating a diet rich in avocados. This green food, in fact, offers 20 vitamins and minerals in every serving, including potassium for help in controlling blood pressure, lutein for improving eye health, and folate for supporting production of nervous system function.
While Mexican restaurants, especially fast food, are easy to find, traditional Hispanic home cooking provides a healthier and more tasteful option. Compared with non-Hispanics, Hispanics are more likely to take the time to look for the freshest cooking ingredients. Having access to homegrown fresh produce or markets that cater to the Hispanic cook can not only increase the taste of traditional recipes, it can also be much healthier than consuming processed fast food options.
In keeping with the use of traditional ingredients, here is a list of the basic steps in making a traditional Hispanic flan. Como hacer flan:

  • Mix the eggs with condensed milk, evaporated milk, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract.
  • Sprinkle several tablespoons of brown sugar in the mold you are going to use.
  • Using an oven, toaster or stove, caramelize the sugar.
  • Pour liquid mixture into a flan mold or separate ramekins.
  • Place the milk flan inside a steamer until cooked.
  • Cooked flan should cool for 15 minutes and then be refrigerated for at least 3 hours.
  • Use a knife to loosen the edges of the flan from the bowl.
  • Turn the bowl upside down so the flan falls to the serving plate.
  • Serve with more carmelized sugar as a topping.

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