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The Three Deadly Sins of Making Fresh Guacamole Dips

Guacamole dips

Guacamole: delicious on everything from fried eggs to tortilla chips, the green goddess of dips has become one of the most popular condiments in the United States. Like it’s slightly more popular cousin, salsa, the country’s obsession with even the most basic guacamole recipes has driven many home cooks to try their hand at making fresh guacamole dips at home.

Unfortunately, it’s the rare home cook who gets their classic guacamole recipes right the first time around. If you want to craft fresh guacamole dips that are worthy of being lumped together with the best guacs in the world, you need to avoid making the biggest mistakes cooks around the world make when first giving this delectable dip a go.


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Aren’t You Tired of Killing Your Diet with Dessert?

Hispanic food

Did you know that, according to a study from Boston Medical Center, an estimated 45 million Americans go on a diet each and every year? Unfortunately, most of these people fail in their endeavors, tempted away from fitness by laziness, difficulty, or their culinary crutches. For me, the reason it took a decade to get the formula right is that I simply couldn’t give up my favorite postres.

Cake tres leches, flan, chocolate marble cake — you name the dessert and I guarantee I love it. So what changed? How was I finally able to be successful in my health goals? I learned to modify my favorite recetas de postres to make healthier but equally delicious versions. Want to know some of my tricks? Read on.

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Going to England? Don’t Miss out on these British Food Staples

Wine bar

Planning a trip to England? From Buckingham Palace in London to the many medieval castles scattered throughout the countryside, England has endless sight seeing opportunities to make your trip unforgettable. Aside from the many attractions there are to see, England also has a vast array of unique dining options. In fact, London surpassed Paris in restaurant diversity and depth about 10 years ago. As you make your itinerary, be sure to include some good restaurants to ensure you make the most of your dining experience. Travel books like Rick Steves or Frodors can give you a Read more ...

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