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3 Benefits of Microgreens

Types of edible flowers

Microgreens are becoming increasingly popular to use in cooking because of their fresh taste and lively colors. By now you might be asking yourself: What are microgreens? Microgreens consist of stems and leaves and are very different from sprouts. Unlike sprouts, microgreens’ stems are cut, leaving the root behind; this allows them to be produced in water. Instead, they grow in a soil substitute, most commonly, peat moss. Read on to learn the many benefits of using microgreens.

Vibrant Taste
Microgreens are cut at a younger age than most other plants, and therefore have a very unique, fresh taste. Incredibly, the flavor of microgreens is typically even more flavorful than it would be if they were allowed to grow to their full size. There are a variety of microgreens which offe

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Simple Tips for Making Delicious Hummus at Home

Easy hummus recipe

Who doesn’t enjoy chowing down on different varieties of hummus dips? The most difficult part about eating hummus is that it’s hard to decide on a favorite flavor. Between differently flavor combinations such as basil pesto hummus and roasted garlic hummus dip, it can be hard to decide which is best. They’re all good!

Not only does hummus taste great, it does the body good by providing a number of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals such as protein, fiber, Vitamin E, and healthy fats.

However, why not have fun experimenting with different hummus flavors? While there are a number of different tasty brands of store-bought hummus, you can have fun

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Three Heavenly Postres You Need to Have Before You Die


Hispanic culture has given the world such delicious dishes as ceviche, arroz con pollo, tamales, and more, but what most people never realize is that it’s also got recipes to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Here are just a few of the postres you have to try before you die, or else you will have never really lived.

Mango Pudding.

Heavy, rich postres are great and all, but a nice cup of fruity pudding every once and a while is absolutely heaven. All you need is one can of sliced mangos, one can of condensed milk, and a tablespoon of rum. Blend the mangos up with the condensed milk, and the rum. You should also add the syrup from the can to make the postres even better. Then, let it cool in the refrige

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