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From Games Nights to Dining at Unique Restaurants, Here’s Three Ideas for a Night Out

Sushi bar

Adulthood may come with some perks (like heading out to the bar or not having to order off a kids’ menu), but there are also some drawbacks. Working full time, raising kids, and having other responsibilities makes it difficult to relax in the company of friends when you need to unwind.

However, there are still plenty of ways to have some fun and take a night off once in a while. You and your friends might gravitate toward a potluck at someone’s place or play dates for the kids, but you have other options. If you’re tired of the “same old, same old,” then it may be time to think beyond the dinner party. Here are three options that you can use to have a great night out with your friends:

Make It a Game Night

Nothing gets the stress from the week out like having a little friendly compet

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The Fresh Food Movement and Microgreens

Edible flowers for salads

There’s been a recent movement to make food fresher, especially with the push toward organic and health trends like vegetarianism and veganism. Naturally, it makes sense that restaurants would pick up on this movement and incorporate it into their menus, especially fine dining restaurants. As the economy has picked up, so too have visits to fine dining establishments–a recent study showed that visits to upscale restaurants were up 3%. This is good for the whole restaurant industry, since fine dining comprises about 10% of restaurant sales overall.
With the fresh food movement, chefs have been relying more and more on fresh and new ways of making dishes aesthetically pleasing as well as tasty. This has been a nationwide trend. One of these ways is to use microgreens and edible flowers in main d

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The Best Ways to Use Salsa (Hint Dipping Isn’t Among Them)

Salsa to go

Salsa is actually an incredibly versatile ingredient, going far beyond its standard use as a dip served alongside fried tortilla chips. But with so many different types of salsa available, how can you choose whether to use roasted garlic salsas, fruit salsas or pico de gallo salsa dips for any given application? Here’s some guidance:

  • Salsa to Go on Meats

    Intense garlic flavor is always a great addition to hearty meats (especially grilled meats), so garlic salsa is the obvious — and delicious — choice here. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even blend softened butter and garlic salsa together to make a compound butter, roll it into a log using waxed paper and plastic wrap, and store it in your fridge or freezer. That way, you can just slice off rounds of it to top off a s

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