Do You Have What it Takes to Expand Your Catering Business?

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Cheaper than conventional tiles

If you own your own small catering business and have been operating out of your home, you may be considering moving your operation to a commercial kitchen. This is especially likely if you’ve seen some success and growth since beginning your company. When making the leap from a home based catering business to an industrial kitchen space, there are a number of decisions that must be made. For instance, you should probably obtain professional help with your kitchen planning and layout. Such professionals can offer you a great deal when it comes to making decisions about commercial kitchen installation and proper commercial kitchen maintenance.

Working with industrial design consultants can make it much easier for you to make decisions about integral aspects of your commercial kitchen, for example, choosing the best commercial refrigeration equipment. Making the right choice about commercial refrigeration equipment is imperative when it comes to insuring that you operate a safe business.

Because commercial refrigeration units account for approximately half of all energy costs and take up a good portion of catering equipment repair budgets, it is of the utmost importance to choose refrigeration equipment supplies that are energy efficient. So too should a commercial refrigeration unit have its coils and evaporator cleaned twice a year to avoid unnecessary catering equipment repair costs. Making sure that you have the best refrigeration system possible is a must for any small catering business because proper cooling ensures that food borne illness will not negatively affect your customers. Thus, it is a necessity that when it comes to refrigeration, catering equipment repair needs are taken care of as quickly as possible.

Another significant component of ensuring optimal functioning of your industrial kitchen is deciding upon proper wall cladding. Such wall cladding makes surface cleaning simple and effective, thus preventing bacterial growth and the need for expensive catering equipment repairs. Minimizing catering equipment repairs of the sort that wall cladding protects you against will not only positively affect your bottom line, but will protect your clients from food borne illness, as well.

Taking into account the annual need for catering equipment repairs and guarding against unnecessary shutdowns will make your catering business both safe and profitable. Working with consultants who understand these issues and can circumvent any problems before they occur is a great way of insulating your business against unnecessary problems.

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