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Summer Time Is the Best Time for Outside Catering, but What Cuisine Will Your Event Feature?


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The end of winter is in sight, and with spring and summer just around the corner, the season for weddings and graduation parties are about to take place. With these celebratory events occurring, outside catering is a common solution for feeding the hungry mouths for all who attend. Event catering is great for celebrations, but what kind of food will your outside catering provide, and which cuisine will satisfy the masses?

When it comes to deciding with type of catering services is best for your special celebration, you really can’t go wrong with Italian food catering. Italian foods are loved by almost every individual, no matter what culture they come from. For Americans, it’s estimated that 350 slices of pizza are being consumed each second in the United States, and on average 252 million pounds of pepperoni are consumed from pizza each year. If those stats aren’t enough to sway you towards providing catered Italian foods, consider this statistic: an estimated 5 billion pizzas are consumed world-wide, each year.

Of course, Italian foods far more options than just pizza, and it’s a good idea that your catering services provide more than just pizza, too. A traditional Italian meal can be extensive and long, sometimes lasting a duration of 5 hours or longer. While your catered Italian meal probably won’t last as long as 5 hours, it’s a good idea to include some traditional Italian meal influences. For example, A traditional Italian meal beings with wine and bread served with olive oil — featuring these starters at your meal will set the Italian mood wonderfully. After that, you should include a couple different types of traditional Italian pasta dishes and a meat dish involving at least two different options of meats such as chicken, beef or fish. For the children, or the picky eaters, offering pizza at your catered meal will be a hit, too.
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