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Using Micro Greens in Your Menu


Edible flowers for cupcakes

Differing from sprouts, microgreens are grown in the soil and sunlight for about 7 days prior to harvesting for use as tasty food accents. When looking to add micro greens or micro rainbow mixes to your meals, they can last for up to 5-7 days if refrigerated, even though they can be somewhat fragile. In the 1980s the delicate microgreens began to appear on various chefs menus and have spread to feature radish, kale, beet, arugula and other vegetables that make up the micro rainbow mix.

Aside from microgreens, you can look at sugar flowers and flower crystals to include in your menus. In fact, many events, dinners and restaurants feature variations with fresh, edible, decorative elements. Even if you have never integrated something like a micro rainbow mix into your dishes, you can look for inspiration online. There are a multitude of cuisine focused sites that provide guidance and instruction for developing new dishes.

When first beginning to brainstorm new applications for microgreens and decorative flowers, you may want to use online bookmarking sites to browse through different cuisine collections. Pinterest can be used to search cooking and presentation ideas to find the exact look and flavor profiles that capture the taste and style that you prefer. As users pin their favorite images to pinterest, you can browse them and begin to collect a multitude of ideas to guide your endeavors.

As you begin to test out your creations, you should remember to start simple. While you want everything to be vivid and flavorful, if you use accents sparingly it can add to the mystique and overall drama. You can begin to work out how the different menu elements will work throughout the courses and trends you have established so that there are no surprises. Regardless of how you decide to integrate microgreens into your meals, a little research and experimentation will allow to perfect your creation. More like this article.

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