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The Basics of Meal Replacement Protein Powder

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This video is to inform viewers about meal replacement protein powder. Trying to lose weight and looking for alternative ways to eat? Wondering to yourself “can a protein shake replace a meal?” First, let us talk a little bit about nutrients in the human body. If you are someone who is focused on nutrition and getting your daily value in your everyday foods, you might know that protein is one of the most important substances your body needs.
In fact, about 15% of daily calories in protein are consumed by Americans on a daily basis.

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If you are someone who is focusing on your calorie intake or are thinking about doing a calorie deficit, you might want to replace your meals with a superfood meal replacement or a plant based nutritional shake. Especially for those who are very active, you might be looking into protein powder for athletes. Protein is extremely important, especially if you are more active since they help restore the muscle a little quicker after it has been used all day and after physical activity. Watch this video to know if a meal replacement protein powder is the right alternative choice for you!


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