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Purchasing a Reefer Trailer


The United States is certainly home to a vast manufacturing sector and farming sector, but it is the transportation industry that moves finished goods and foodstuffs everywhere. Larger companies may have fleets of naval ships that deliver many tons of cargo around the world’s oceans, while jets can deliver goods very quickly across any type of terrain. But in between planes, jets, and trains are semi trucks, and many carrier companies make use of them. Most carrier companies are on the smaller side, and while they cannot afford a jet or train, they will have a small and hardworking fleet of semi trucks, ready to deliver goods for shipper clients. Some of these trucks and their trailers are designed for specialized cargo, such as wholesale reefer units. What is a reefer trailer, anyway, and what are some fine strategies for finding used reefer trailers? On top of that, reefer trailer cost should be factored in, and reefer trailer cost may also weigh in on financing and money lending options. Even smaller reefers may cost a fair amount of capital, so reefer trailer costs should be considered very carefully.

The Business of Reefer Trucks

This is a robust and popular industry, and it is still growing. In fact, estimates say that by the year 2022, the world’s refrigerated trailer market value may reach around $7 billion, and plenty more of these reefer units will be on the roads. In the United States in particular, around 500,000 reefer trucks are in operation, often delivering goods for grocery stores and the like. Many trucks are also used for land-based trade between the United States and Canada along the expansive land border.

A reefer trailer is, put simply, a refrigerated truck trailer that keeps its interior cool with air conditioning units. The reefer trailer’s walls are insulated to help keep outside warmth from getting inside, too. As for the size, reefer trailers may range from 28 to 53 feet long, and some of the largest may be as tall as 13.5 feet, and the largest may weigh some 44,000 pounds or so. A truck company’s owner may decide to find one or more reefer trailers to add to their fleet, so that they can start delivering cold goods and thus have more clients to ship for. After all, a reefer trailer may cool its interior to a temperature from 70 degrees Fahrenheit all the way down to -20 degrees, depending on the needs of the cargo. A reefer may arrive at a warehouse, where crews will unload cold items from an on-site freezer and load them into the truck. From there, the truck may arrive at its destination, such as a grocery store. The staff there will then unload cold items and place them in fridges and freezers in the store. Dairy products, meat, frozen processed food, and the likes may be delivered in this way.

Finances and Trucks

What about reefer trailer costs? The exact price will vary, but a used reefer unit may be purchased at a discount. If a carrier company owner decides to browse used reefer units for sale, that owner is urged to look over those used reefers in person before making a purchase. The buyer may look over the trailer’s electronic components for damage, not to mention its wheels and axles, tires, and other hardware. The buyer might also test the cooling units to ensure that the trailer can generate the desired level of cold air and maintain it.

It is rare for truck companies to get loans from big banks, so instead, a borrower can turn to specialized lenders who often work with companies like these. The borrower may get a better deal if they have a good personal credit score and a good business credit score. Potentially, the borrower may get as much as 100% of the trailer’s value in a loan, and at a fairly low interest rate. In any case, the trailer itself will be used as collateral to secure that loan. In other circumstances, the borrower may get a loan based on the value of a trailer and truck that they already own. They should also provide the lender with photographs and data about the truck and trailer’s condition and intended use.

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