Looking for a Paletas or Ice Cream Parlor


Anyone would enjoy a frozen dessert on a warm summer or spring day, and Americans and Mexicans have no short age of options. Ice cream has long since established itself as a staple dessert, and ice cream comes in a dazzling variety of flavors. Let’s not forget paletas, either, and fruit paletas may be some of the most popular out there. When someone is looking for a frozen treat, they could try out some ice cream shops nearby or find a paleta cart of parlor with an online search such as “paleteria near me Miami” or “paleteria near me Dallas.” Which are some of the most common flavors of paletas? Often, paletas can offer exotic flavors not found in typical ice cream, adding to their appeal.

Finding Some Paletas

In short, a paleta is a high quality Mexican popsicle, and they may be thick and creamy and come in a wide variety of flavors, as mentioned earlier. When someone looks up “paleteria near me” or “paleteria near me Dallas,” they may find a parlor offering ordinary flavors such as strawberry or lemon or chocolate. But that’s not all. Paletas have some creative flavors, many of them based on fruits native to Mexico. For example, a customer can treat themselves to almond, peanut, gooseberry, peaches and cream, passion fruit, honey, and even shrimp flavored paletas. These can make for an exotic treat on a hot summer day, and an authentic taste of Mexican cuisine. Paletas have grown in popularity recently, and someone living fairly close to the border might find any number of paletas parlors or carts nearby.

On Ice Cream

Meanwhile, ice cream has long since established itself as a staple frozen dessert since the early 1900s, and many statistics show that Americans widely favor it during warmer times of the year. Studies show that around 90% of American households regularly indulge in frozen treats such as ice cream or frozen custard, and in any two-week period, some 40% of all Americans will eat ice cream. On average, a person in the United States will eat 26 liters of ice cream per year. Not only that, but fans of ice cream can also try out gelato, a similar frozen treat that’s thick and creamy, or frozen custard or sherbet.

How to eat ice cream? The two main ways are either on a cone, or in a cup or bowl. Waffle cones are totally edible, and their crunchy body and mild flavor make for a nice contrast with the ice cream itself. This is the classic image of ice cream, and many people like to share images of their ice cream cones online. It may be noted that eating ice cream this way get a little sloppy, and the ice cream may start to melt and drip, or even fall right off the cone. And the cones don’t make for good leftovers storage containers. In other cases, an ice cream parlor guest may ask for a plastic or laminated paper cup instead, complete with a spoon and maybe a straw. This makes for much neater eating, and better yet, the cups and bowls make for ready-made leftovers containers. An ice cream shop may stock both waffle cones as well as paper cups, not to mention paper napkins, straws and spoons, and the like.

An ice cream shop’s owner will have a working relationship with local wholesale suppliers for all of these items, not to mention the ice cream itself and the mixer machines. No ice cream shop can function without ice cream machines, which will need some maintenance. After each work day, the machines can be emptied of all ice cream, rinsed with water, then taken apart (as per the instructions). The parts can be washed in soap and water, and once they dry, the machine can be put back together again for the next work day.

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