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Making Eating Food to Go Healthy with Smart Food Choices


Per a study in 2016, 97.3% of adults in America weren’t living a healthy lifestyle. A lot of an unhealthy lifestyle includes making eating choices that are full of unwanted calories, fats and sugars. When it comes to takeout do you know what to order and still eat healthy? There is a way to order healthy food to go that doesn’t compromise taste. When you don’t have time to make easy dinners, enjoy quick meals when you order out the health way whether you choose to get take-out from healthy restaurants or not.

Get Healthy Food to Go from Healthy Restaurants

What do you do when you don’t feel like cooking, or just don’t have time, but you still want to eat healthy? You can find easy healthy meals when you order out, if you know how to order popular favorites from pizza to Italian. Once you have ordered healthy food to go a few times, you will get in the habit and be able to place orders for low carb meals that are tasty and satisfying.

Eating Healthy Food to Go Via Takeout Is Popular Now More Than Ever

Whether you are ordering online or you stepped into a restaurant to place a to-go order, make healthy food choices for takeout with a few simple tips. There are plenty of food choices that can be slimmed down so your waistline doesn’t grow. All it takes is changing a few habits and make healthier choices when placing takeout orders.

Choose healthy lunch ideas that can improve your diet whether you want to eat pasta, pizza or Mexican. Of course, slimming down orders is perfect when you order healthy food to go any time of the day or night. Order comfort foods that are your favorites with just a few changes that most restaurants are happy to make for you.

Slim Down Pasta

Pasta can carry a lot of calories and fat that isn’t good for you. Select pasta dishes like Linguine Aglio E Olio. It is essentially pasta, garlic, olive oil and hot pepper. It’s a dish that’s quite simple with a powerful tasty punch. The boost of hot pepper is known to increase your metabolic rate and body heat which reduces appetites. Add sautéed spinach or broccoli for more fiber and eat only half of a take-out order to further slim down this delicious dish.

Thin Crust Makes for a Better Pizza Choice

Everyone loves pizza. Next time you order it, choose thin crust since most of the empty, unhealthy high calories in pizza are in the crust. Foods that offer little to no nutritional value tend to spike insulin levels which causes you to want and crave more. Thin crust pizza is always a better option. To make your pizza order even healthier only order half the amount of cheese and add more vegetables. You still get the great taste you crave without the caloric guilt.

Viva La Healthy Mexican Take-Out

Sate your Mexican food craving and indulge in lower calorie Mexican dishes by ordering them slimmed down. Try chicken fajitas with heaps of peppers and onions, just skip the sour cream and cheese which contain high fat and calories. Try eating one tortilla stuffed with veggies and low-fat protein such as grilled chicken, salsa and black beans.

Try Healthy Tips When Ordering Take Out

There are many healthy eating tips that don’t skim on flavor and are fulfilling. Skip foods that are fried or crispy, they tend to be batter soaked, oil dunked caloric high-jacking foods that are not healthy. Instead eat baked, grilled, broiled, braised or roasted foods that are leaner cuts and do not use nearly as much fat when prepared.

Skip rolls and breads all together, it’s not worth it. Finally, share orders especially if a single order is big enough to serve two or more people. Eating an appropriate portion size is ideal.

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