Healthy Local Food Paper coffee cups with lids,Plain white paper cups,Soup container America Loves Coffee What An Independent Cafe Needs To Know To Succeed In A Busy Industry

America Loves Coffee What An Independent Cafe Needs To Know To Succeed In A Busy Industry


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How do you like your coffee? Are you the type that’s raring to go in the morning and need an Americano to keep your energy at its highest peak? Perhaps you’re a student that looks forward to a toasty mocha after classes as your personal pick-me-up. Coffee really is the sweet spot that everyone can relate to, from the caffeine perks to the delicious taste to all the fun varieties that can be conjured up at a moment’s notice. Independent coffee shops don’t just know these. They love being the key ingredient to a busy country.

Why does America love coffee so much? Chalk that up to a country that’s known for always being on the move. The retail value of the American coffee market is thought to be at nearly $48 billion. Specialty coffees, in particular, constitute over half of the overall market shower. Overall? The United States imported over 25 million bags of coffee back in 2014. That’s a quarter of global imports! Needless to say, you don’t have to look far to find good mix coffee here.

One of the first things a visitor from another country notices while in America is that everyone has a cup of coffee in their hand. Ongoing statistics estimate that the average American consumer drinks a cup and a half of coffee every day. Coffee preparation at home is up 4%, to boot, with an estimated 85% of coffee drinkers reporting that they make coffee at home. What kind of coffees do people generally like, though, and how does that translate to a shop that knows what it’s doing?

Coffee is fantastic for just how flexible it is. You can mix coffee with all sorts of tasty ingredients to create recipes that range from classic to outrageous. Half of the American population (that’s as many as 150 million Americans) will drink espresso, cappuccinos, lattes and cold coffees. While a not insignificant 35% of the population will prefer their coffee black, the rest (and majority) much prefer to add a little sugar or cream.

We’re not done yet! The majority of coffee is consumed during breakfast hours alongside a delicious meal of sausage, eggs or pancakes. Another 30% is between meals (a common staple of many a person’s lunch), while the remaining chunk is with dinner or snacks. Around 30% of the population will drink coffee just once in a while, which is still far more than what is expected in other countries. How does this translate to independent coffee shops and their future?

Any coffee shop that wants to keep up with demand needs to be well-stocked. It’s not enough to mix coffee the right way. You have to ensure that the coffee reaches the customer in fine fashion and withstands the might of the elements or a lackluster car seat cup holder. Wholesale coffee cups should be paired with stirrers and strong lids for easy accessibility. Many customers also like to have packets of sugar or portable creamer to top off their experience.

Independent coffee shops are raking in a collective $12 billion in yearly sales. For those wondering how to be part of the coffee movement, look no further than what a customer needs to get through the work week.

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