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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Class with These Classic Drinks

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If you’re thinking of throwing a Cinco de Mayo party, there are three essential components to putting something on that your guests aren’t likely to forget. The first is obvious: friends and family. Without these people, what’s the point of even having a party? The second, of course, is food. To properly throw any celebration for el Cinco de Mayo, you need to get together your best recetas de cocina and put out a legendary spread of Hispanic food.

Remember, Cinco de Mayo is Meant to Be a Huge Celebration!
The third component is your drinks. It’s sad to say, but too many people remember to craft delicious Hispanic food, like flan and empanadas, for their party, while completely forgetting to craft delicious beverages to cool off guests, accent the food, and add a little delirium to the night’s festivities. Cinco de Mayo, as the History Channel writes, is meant to be a celebration of the Mexican defeat of the French at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, and with our simple recipes for delicious Cinco de Mayo inspired drinks, you can make sure your gathering has a fitting celebratory feel.

Three Drinks to Compliment Your Favorite Hispanic Food

  • The Paloma
  • The Paloma, featured by, is easily the simplest drink to make for your upcoming fiesta. Add a shot of quality tequila to a Tom Collins glass, muddling a fresh lime slice into the alcohol with a pestle. Simply fill the rest of the glass with grapefruit juice, and you’ve got a refreshing, slightly tart cocktail to wow your guests.

  • Margaritas, of Course!
  • Any guide to the perfect Mexican-themed party that neglects to mention the margarita shouldn’t be taken seriously. Dip the rims of your margarita glasses into a shallow pan of water, and then dip them onto a shallow plate of salt to crust the edges. In a shaker, combine one shot of high-end tequila with a wedge of lime and a wedge of lemon, making sure to squeeze the juice out of the citrus before adding the rind into the shaker. Adding ice, shake the two together for the count of 10. Pour the completed margarita into a salted glass and serve.

  • A Non-Alcoholic Lemon-Lime Spritzer for the Whole Family
  • For the Taste of Home, nothing says Cinco de Mayo for the whole family quite like this simple lemon-lime spritzer. In a pitcher, combine lemonade, limeade, and orange juice in a ratio of 2:1:1. Just before serving the drink at your party, fill the rest of the pitcher with lemon-lime soda for an alcohol free spritzer your kids will love.

Remember, a successful party pulls loved ones, Hispanic food, and classic drinks together in harmony to celebrate Cinco de Mayo memorably. Put these drinks next to your expertly crafted dishes, and you’re guaranteed to throw a party no one is soon to forget.

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