A Tastier Way to Accent Food Dishes

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Did you know that microgreens are tiny, green vegetables that are harvested before they grow into larger plants? Microgreens are edible seedlings that are commonly used to accent food dishes both visually and flavorfully. There are several types and uses of these micro herbs, and as a result, they are a useful way to improve food.

– Types. Microgreens are typically grown in numerous varieties. Beets, cabbage, celery, cress, mustard, arugula, amaranth, chard, and sorrel, for example, are all common varieties of micro herbs. Even cellulose pulp is available, which is a specialized type of microgreen that has been produced in Europe for more than a decade. Although different microgreens have their own unique flavors, they are all commonly used to accent various food dishes.

– Uses. Microgreens can be used in a variety of ways. Not only are microgreens used to accent soups and salads, but they can even be included in sandwiches and wraps, as well. These types of edible flowers can even be crystallized using sugar and egg white. Crystallized flowers generally have a sweeter flavor, so they are an ideal addition to desserts, cheese plates, and drinks. With many uses available, microgreens are an effective way to enhance the flavor of various foods.

There are several benefits of using microgreens. Not only are there numerous types of micro herbs available, but they can also be added to a wide variety of foods, as well. As a result, microgreens are a tasty way to enhance the flavors of countless food dishes. Find out more here.

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