How to Properly Maintain a Commercial Kitchen

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Did you know that the tourism and hospitality industry in the United Kingdom employs approximately 10% of working individuals in the area? Food service is an important part of the hospitality industry, so it is essential to have a modern, efficient kitchen to use. Since commercial kitchen repair and maintenance is crucial in the food service industry, following these tips will help you properly preserve your kitchen.

1. Clean the fryers. An important part of commercial kitchen maintenance is cleaning all your fryers on a regular basis. This will prevent grease buildup and damage, and it will help your fryers meet health regulations. Since dirty fryers may also negatively affect the taste of food, your customers will appreciate getting food that comes from a clean fryer.

2. Maintain your refrigerators. Commercial refrigeration equipment is an important part of any restaurant or catering company. This is because refrigeration units keep food at safe temperatures, which allows you to adequately meet food safety laws. By performing certain maintenance tasks at least once per month, such as cleaning the evaporator coils and fan blades, your refrigerators will be able to ensure the quality of your food.

3. Seek professional help. Certain commercial kitchen repairs and maintenance tasks require professional help. Ventilation hoods, for example, should be professionally cleaned twice per year for safety and sanitation reasons. Since commercial kitchens are filled with expensive appliances, keeping these appliances professionally maintained will help guarantee their functionality.

In order to properly maintain your commercial kitchen design and appliances, it is important to follow a few tips. Cleaning your fryers, maintaining your refrigerators, and seeking professional assistance, for example, will all help you preserve your kitchen. By performing the proper restaurant and catering equipment maintenance, your kitchen will remain functional and efficient. Learn more.

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