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How to make guacamole

Guacamole is a popular dish that is often used in Mexican cuisine. Many people might be wondering exactly what is guacamole? In addition, they might have questions about guacamole calories as well as guacamole nutrition. Fortunately, guacamole tends to be quite low in calories while retaining a high nutritional value. It also can add a great deal of flavor to a dish. For these reasons, it is a popular appetizer as well.

At the very basic level, the answer to the question of what is guacamole is avocado. Once the base of avocados that have been mashed has been prepared, many recipes using guacamole can be formulated. For example, by tweaking the spices it is possible to make spicy guacamole dip that can easily satisfy any person who enjoys spicy foods or foods that have a bit of heat.

Many recipes with guacamole involve main dishes. It is easy to incorporate the nutrition and taste of guacamole in recipes such as enchiladas, burritos and tacos. These dishes are the ideal ones to customize to suit the tastes of any family while still enjoying the ample nutrition of avocados.

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