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Things to Know Before Trying Out the Beer Market in a New City

inding the best local place for stainless steel beer growlers in a new city can be no easy task, especially if you are new to the city. There seems to be dozens of pizza joints and a new Chinese buffet once a week, and all kinds of hole in the wall places that boast something unique: “Full vintage arcade!” “No ingredients in our restaurant are ever frozen!” “We serve our food on stone, not plates!” So how in the world do the savvy locals pick their go to eateries? Online review sites are more and more no help to tourists and newbies, since four out of five reviews are staged and the fifth is grossly overexaggerated. If you want to know what the hip locals are attracted to, the answer is in the beer. More specifically, the craft beer.

The craft beer industry has grown to be vastly popular amongst metropolitan dwellers who are active in bars, pubs, historic eateries, and local watering holes. These people, most affluent young to middle aged adults, enjoy the urban dining life’s ab

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The Best Beers to Try at Bars!

The first recorded instance of beer brewing is dated to 5000 years ago, because even our ancestors knew the value of kicking back with a cold one after a hard days work. Even then, archaeologists suspect the practice has gone back even further, but whatever the case may be, there is no denying humans love beer. In this article we will be examining the 6 most popular craft beers people consume while out at the bars.

  1. American IPA. An IPA, which stands for India pale ale, is similar in composition to the American pale ale. The major difference is that an IPA leans more towards the malted side of the spectrum. The flavor of the hops takes center stage with this craft beer, and while the carmel base is still hinted at, a corresponding sweetness dulls the bitter edge delivered by the hops. This style of craft beer reigns supreme at bars as the most popular beer chosen by consumers.
  2. American Pale Ale. Described as being bold, yet

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Edible Candy Flowers and Microgreens

Vegetables have long since been essential to any diet, containing many nutrients and minerals needed for good health in children and adults alike, and although some diets of the average American fail to get enough greens, it is easy to put these nutritious plants back in the kitchen and onto a restaurant plate, and they can be delicious and visually appealing instead of a chore to eat. Micro greens are one category of edible plants ideal for consumption, often being popular in upscale restaurants and available for purchases at most grocers. Different types of edible flowers, for example, can provide nutrition and other health benefits, and an edible candy flower can add flair to any food item.

The Basics of Micro Greens

According to Healthline, micro greens

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