Microgreens A Great Accent for Your Food


Microgreens are small plants, consisting of a stem and leaves, and they are produced from young vegetables and plants. They are completely edible and are usually between one and two inches long. Many chefs in the fine dining industry are using microgreens to add a vibrant and delicious accent to their dishes. Although microgreens have been around for about two or three decades, this is a food trend that has just recently began to really take off, and consumers are simply loving it.

Big, Vibrant Flavors

Whether you have crystallized rose petals on your cake, herb crystals in your pasta, or some organic microgreens in your salad, you will experience tastes and flavors that are rich, vibrant, and delicious. There are a wide range of options as far as how microgreens can be used, and many higher class restaurants are utilizing them in dish after dish after receiving rave reviews from their customers.

There’s no doubt that, if you have yet to try microgreens, then you are missing out. They add something different and special to a big variety of dishes, and they are always worth the investment. Explore their versatility today for an experience you won’t forget any time soon.

Adding Color to Your Plate

Because there are around 100 different varieties of edible flowers out there, adding some color to your plate is something higher quality restaurants are known to do. Customers love seeing these bright hues in their food, and the fact that they taste amazing makes the experience even better.

Crystallized rose petals are one example that make a great addition to any dessert, as well as other candied flowers, such as violas, pansies, and more. There are actually lots of uses for crystallized rose petals and other crystallized flowers. For instance, chefs can also use edible flowers for salads, to liven up the plate and enhance the flavor of the dish.

Purchase Your Microgreens for the Best Results

If you want your dishes to look and taste better than ever, then purchasing your microgreens is the route to take. These plants are harder to grow than one might think, and it takes skill and a lot of subject knowledge to get them just right. That being said, they are well worth purchasing for your future plates. Liven up your food by adding microgreens today.

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