How to Make Whiskey


In this video, you will learn about making your own whiskey. Making whiskey can be a hard trade to pick up and eventually master. There are a lot of different ways to perfect this process. This video goes through some steps that teach you how to make your own whiskey.

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He is going to show you how to make all-grain whiskey from liquid malt extract. It is made from grain and not made from sugar. The idea is to make the easiest all-grain whiskey. You just have to mix the whiskey powder with water. You have to ferment it with yeast. Liquid malt is the other ingredient besides water. You can use any liquid malt extract that you want. You need a ladle for stirring and something to ferment in. The first tip or trick is that it can be sticky. You want to dump it into a hot water bath so that it isn’t as hard. You want to use hot, but not boiling water. Use as little as possible, so that you don’t dilute it. Hold some of the hot water back to rinse the tubs out so you don’t leave any behind. Aerating the whiskey is important. You can use water to do this, hoping it doesn’t dilute it too much.

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