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From Tortillas to Salsa, Mexican Ingredients are Stealing the Show

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One of the best things about living in a country that is considered to be a melting pot is the wide variety in the food and dishes that we have available to us. In fact, it is quite common to see several restaurants that serve international or different regional food in one area. And some of those diverse dishes, such as Mexican and Italian foods, have become such popular items throughout the country that they are often cooked and prepared in homes as well as in restaurants.

The prevalence of Mexican ingredients and dishes

Over the course of one year, almost 234 million people across the country used Mexican ingredients and food. If that is not telling enough, consider the fact that Americans consumer more than 4 billion tacos every single year. While that is a pretty staggering number, who could say that that is a particularly surprising fact? Tacos are delicious, and such a great go to, whether you are craving Mexican food or just want something simple and tasty. But it is not just tacos, of course. There are many popular Mexican dishes, from burritos to empanadas to tamales and so much more.

Out of every 10 restaurants in the United States, one sells Mexican food, which makes Mexican cuisine the most popular style of international food across the nation. Think for a minute about what you might consider to be a dish or ingredient that seems to be pretty American. American style hot dogs and hamburgers are often the first to come to mind, and usually with a healthy dose of ketchup and sometimes mayonnaise to go along with them. Well these days, salsa actually outsells both ketchup and mayo, which many would probably consider very American condiments. And for nearly a decade now, there have been more tortillas sold than hot dog buns. Mexican ingredients have become a major staple in a lot of homes as well as restaurants across the country.

Finding the perfect fit for your next catered event

Whether you are looking at getting some casual catering for a backyard soiree or you need a bit more upscale event catering, Mexican dishes could easily fit the demand. Having a taco bar or taco party would definitely be a big hit, especially if you include several different ingredients. People love choices, and you could very easily satisfy all of your guests by letting them build their own perfect plate. Branching out from just tacos, you could truly delight your guests by providing an array of Mexican dishes, which would be a bit hit especially if each one was customizable. That way you do not have to worry about anyone going hungry because of their preferences, and you are not stuck with just a couple of boring dishes.

Creating a delicious dish is about more than just putting food on the table or satisfying a hunger pang. There is an art to building a satisfying dish, and seeing that satisfaction on the faces of multiple people at your home, event, or restaurant makes it all worthwhile.

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