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In the United States, there is no drink that is more beloved than the cup of coffee that people look to every morning. Sure, some people probably replace coffee with tea, but that is pretty rare. Actually, it is much more common to find someone that drinks both coffee and tea as opposed to finding someone that drinks tea in place of coffee.

Understand that coffee is so important for some people that they rely on this single cup office coffee to get them up in the morning. Some people even go to the length of avoiding taking to other people before they have that first cup of coffee that they need in the morning. While there are many health benefits that come along with drinking coffee, there are also some hazards that can be present to make sure you are informed.

If you drink coffee daily you are probably not in danger but if you use coffee all throughout the day to function you are in the middle of a serious issue. While many people think that drugs are the true danger to those with addiction, caffeine is actually the most addictive substance in the world. Here is what you need to know about that single cup office coffee.

Office coffee systems are present in almost every workplace along with office coffee cups and office coffee supplies. This is because, as mentioned before, some people need that single cup office coffee to keep them going. As a result, most business owners will want their workers to feel like they have everything that they need.

That single cup office coffee can make up a contribution of almost 2 grams of fiber which is a part of the recommended consumption of 20 to 38 grams. So if you need fiber then drinking a few cups of coffee may benefit as the fiber is important for your digestive system and how your process food. If you drink coffee at a moderate rate you can work to decrease your development of colorectal cancer by just about 26%.

The Harvard School of Public Health conducted a study and they discovered that women who drink four or more cups of coffee per day were 20% less likely to suffer from depression. The 2017 National Coffee Drinking Trends report revealed some other information that included the fact that over 60% of all respondents said they had been drinking coffee the day before the report was done.

If you need that single cup office coffee then you are not alone. Over half of all Americans over the age of 18 states that they drink coffee every single day. As a matter of fact, the average coffee drinker in the United States will consume just about 3 cups of coffee per day. Out of all United States workers involved in a survey, just about 46% said that coffee is something that helps them stay productive while they are at work.

According to the FDA, the caffeine in coffee is absorbed and circulated within 30 minutes to an hour; its effect can last up to six hours. Coffee enhances the energy levels of your brain, improving concentration and memory retention, leading to better cognitive performance. Studies show that 200 mg of caffeine can help you identify words and phrases faster than you could do without coffee.

In Conclusion

If you are someone that needs that single cup office coffee to function at work then you are not alone. So many people in the United States will drink coffee every single day and these people believe that coffee and caffeine are essential to how they function in the workplace every single day. These people are without a doubt people that need their boss to have a single cup office coffee present in the workplace.

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