5 Tips for Reducing Your Meat Grocery Bill


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Feeding a family can get expensive. This is especially true if you want to provide them with the best meats, fruits, and vegetables. Meats alone can get pricey. Additionally, the better the quality that you serve, the more it is going to cost you. Fortunately, you can cut the costs of your meat grocery shopping trips with these buying tips.

Meal plan all meals
Meal planning prevents you from over spending on items you don?t really need or want. Without a meal plan, you might be tempted to purchase extras at the grocery store. For example, you might spot a box of frozen steak on sale. If your family does not enjoy frozen steak and it does not get eaten, however, it is a waste of money. Before you shop, plan out all of your meals for the week. Only purchase meat items that fit within your planned schedule.

Freeze bulk purchases
Purchasing food items in bulk is always cheaper. Even if you do not have a large enough family for large purchases, you can still purchase them and take advantage of the cost savings. Buy meat in bulk to get the cheapest price and then freeze the items you are not yet using. Bulk meat packages can be stored for many months, without affecting the taste. Chances are, the meats will get eaten before they go bad. According to data from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the average American consumed approximately 198 pounds of meat in 2014.

Purchase locally
When you purchase locally, you are helping to support your community while also receiving discounts on your meats. Because local farmers do not have to worry about shipment and packaging, they can provide you with a more affordable meat price. If you are looking for a meat supplier in your area, simply do a quick butchers in my area search. You are likely to find a long list of butchers in my area, all with great meat prices. You also don?t have to worry about the quality of these local farmers, as many of the meat items you purchase in store are supplied by these same farmers. Approximately 91% of beef farms and ranches in the U.S. are family owned.

Pay attention to quality
Animal protein is usually of high quality, containing all 8 essential amino acids needed for the growth and maintenance of our bodies. When you purchase meat that is of a higher grade, you are receiving many benefits. The better meat tastes better, is better for the body, and can save you money. Although higher quality cuts of meat can cost more, they fill you up more. You will feel full and satisfied after a meal of high grade meats. When you are feeding a large family, this can help to cut down on meat costs over time.

Purchase online
If you looked for local butchers in my area and did not turn up anything, consider purchasing online. Many butchers are able to ship their products in a safe and cost effective way. You can also purchase bulk meat online and get the same bulk purchase discounts. Also, when you buy meat online, you can read about previous customer?s reviews before purchasing. This can give you valuable insight into the quality, price, and shipping speed of the specific butchers in my area you are using.

Grocery bills are usually a necessity. If you have a larger family, your grocery bill might be quite high. You can find ways to cut down on your expensive grocery bill, especially when it comes to meat. You will find that shopping online, meal planning, purchasing locally, and purchasing higher quality of meats can all help with your meat costs.

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