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The Palate Touch-Up That’s Attracting The Attention Of Foodies Everywhere Microgreens And Crystal Flowers

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Uses for microgreens

Cooking is an art. Every country, culture and time period is known for its unique approach to the creation and distribution of food, crafting iconic creations that have withstood the test of time and human ingenuity. Even in our globalized world restaurants are still putting their best foot forward and attempting to leave a lasting mark with the aid of true leaves, flower crystals and edible blossoms. Lovely to behold and flexible enough to add visual panache to a plethora of different dishes, the difference between a good restaurant and a spectacular one is in the smaller efforts. Continue reading to learn more about adding microgreens to salads and why true leaves should be on every menu.

Art Of Presentation

A common saying in Japan is that a customer will eat with their eyes before they eat with their mouth. This is one of the many appeals of the microgreen and the visual polish it adds a variety of dishes. When it comes to presenting food both children and adults love color and style, though there are a few differences to keep in mind. Children often prefer six food colors as well as seven different food components, while adults lean toward minimalism with three colors and three food components.

Enhancing The Palate

Edible flowers for salads, petite microgreens and candied flowers can all be eaten alongside the meal. There are an estimated 100 different kinds of common garden flowers that are edible as well as palatable, creating a complete dish that’s as artistic as it is tasty. Flowers are often popular for cupcakes and cakes, though they can also be used as accents to touch up salads. Microgreens can be used to bring color to a steak or a little detail to a bowl of hearty soup. When it comes down to it, enhancing the palate goes a long way in making a meal more than just a meal.

Creating The Culture

The Internet has helped immensely in bolstering local and international food culture. People will spend a significant amount of time not just seeking out beautiful restaurants, but also taking photos, blogging and sharing their experiences. One of the largest and most active Flickr groups includes an impressive 300,000 photos and counting from a collective 19,000 members. True leaves and hibiscus sugar flowers are quite popular for their photogenic quality and will often see entire online accounts dedicated to them.

Bolstering Your Industry

The fine dining industry is enjoying a lot of success over the past few years. Regular visits to fine dining restaurants are up 3% just from last year, making that thousands more Americans attending upscale restaurants around the country. According to data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, households that see incomes of $100,000 or higher are responsible for 36% of the total spending on food away from home.

Craft An Experience

From the delicate crystallized pansy to the classic crystallized rose, the world is your oyster for embracing the variety true leaves have to offer. Microgreens have been around for at least 30 years and are enjoying attention in a wealth of fine dining establishments across the globe. Microgreens are often rated on a scale from one to five, with one being poor quality and five being considered excellent. They can also be rated on their marketability, perfect for restaurants that see a lot of their advertisement coming from customers tuned into Instagram and YouTube. When you want to add some flair to your menu and perhaps invite in an entirely new subculture, true leaves are the way to go.

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