Why Your Store Should Have Ice Cream Cups

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Are you an ice cream or yogurt shop owner? Are you looking to implement unique and fun decor into your shop? Consider using the ice cream cup to promote your brand! Need more of a motivatin to include ice cream cups in your shop? Here are our top reasons why you should offer ice cream cups to your customers in your shop:

  1. Ice Cream Cups are Useful:Have you ever gotten ice cream in a cone, only for your favorite scoop to fall on the floor moments later? Or, have you ever been in a situation where your ice cream started dripping down the cone and onto your fingers? Of course you have! Now, you can make sure these sticky situations don’t happen to your customers by including ice cream cups at your stores. If someone wants more than one scoop, they won’t need to worry about their treat falling on the floor, since they’re using a solid ice cream cup.

    1. You Can Be Creative:
      Did you know that 90% of Americans have some kind of frozen dessert in their homes? Americans love frozen treats like ice cream and yogurt. As of 2013, there were about 2,582 frozen yogurt shops. Wouldn’t you want your shop to stand out in some way? That’s why you should consider getting fun ice cream cups! You can be creative when you design the ice cream cups. You can create your own custom ice cream cups, with your logo or shop colors. You can use paper ice cream cups, so they’re easily disposable. Consider also including matching ice cream spoons to go perfectly with your stylish cups.

      1. Conclusion:
        Americans will eat ice cream as a frozen treat about 28.5 times each year. You should make sure that your ice cream or yogurt shop is one of the many hot spots Americans go to for their frozen treats. You’ll be able to differentiate your store by including something new, like some awesome ice cream cups with a cool design. Your customers will surely love the ice cream cups, and appreciate them for how useful they are. Get the most out of including ice cream cups into your shop’s design.

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