Fun Ways to Make Your Wedding a Big Hit


Chocolate fountain rental

If you were to look at any wedding website today, it would quickly become obvious that weddings have grown to be a party that serves to showcase the happy couple’s individuality. Just as each person is different from any other person, each couple is also different. This sentiment, when combined with the do-it-yourself miracle of the internet, has resulted in some pretty spectacular wedding parties. Save yourself a headache and browse these extravagant nuptials as inspiration, not aspiration.

How Can You Make Your Own Wedding Spectacular?

Many wedding planners might disagree, but there is no special formula for the perfect wedding. While staying within budget and making sure key players are present are absolute musts, the perfect chairs or perfect cake may not exist. Guests will remember how they felt; when everyone is having fun it becomes an occasion to remember. Wondering how you can create a “fun” atmosphere? There are a few proven ways.

Rent a Tent If the Party Is Outside.

It might seem unnecessary at some locations, but for the 35% of weddings held outdoors a tent rental is a potential party-saver if it rains or is too hot. If the entire reception will be held outside, it will of course be necessary to rent the appropriate number of chairs, tables, and dance floor.

If that seems like too much trouble, just remember: even the most balmy spring days can quickly become too bright or too hot, especially when the guest list includes elderly relatives or other sensitive groups. A tent creates instant ambience, and they are always elegant.

Do Not Forget About the Little Ones.

Will your wedding have children on the guest list? Some do not invite them; it is up to the couple to decide. Kids are sometimes excluded from the party because the whole affair is designed to appeal to grown-ups. Understandably, many brides (or grooms) are doubtful they can plan appropriate entertainment for a younger crowd. Enter: the bounce house. No longer found solely at children’s birthday parties, bounce houses are popping up at adventurous weddings more often.

The average 15 by 15 foot bounce house can accommodate 10 children, or four playful adults.

Who Doesn’t Love Chocolate?

While there are those individuals who do not like chocolate, the vast majority does. A chocolate fountain causes instant delight in adults and children alike, and is one way of allowing guests to help themselves during the festivities. A chocolate fountain rains chocolate fondue from a cone-like structure two or four feet in height. Guests can carefully dip marshmallows, graham crackers, fruit, or other treats into the melted chocolate pouring down from the top.

If the whole thing sounds messy, that is because it can get messy fast. But that is a part of the charm.

A wedding is a time to celebrate. The planning of one can be incredibly stressful. It is important to remember that a party is meant to be fun, not perfect.

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