Three Reasons to Catch the Sushi Wave


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Although seafood has long been a staple of American cuisine, sushi bars still make for a rather unique restaurant. The first sushi restaurant opened in Los Angeles in the 1960s. Now Americans can?t seem to get enough of sushi, with a 40% increase in sushi consumption from 2000 to 2005 alone! If you have not yet joined the fan club, here are three reasons to head to a sushi bar next time you are looking for a unique restaurant experience.

It Is a Cultural Experience

Sushi originated in Japan and has been popular in Japan and Southeast Asia for centuries. These rolls of rice, seafood, and vegetables are traditionally accompanied by wasabi, a Japanese cousin of horseradish. The word ?sushi? itself is a Japanese word referring to the vinegar rice used in the rolls. High end restaurants may feature a sushi chef who has spent 5 to 10 years in training, which is typical for chefs in fine sushi restaurants. But there are plenty of local sushi restaurants around the U.S. that provide a Japanese eating experience for affordable prices.

It Is Good for your Waistline

Sushi is fresh and lean. The typical sushi roll is low in calories (from 184 in a tuna roll to 350 in a Nigiri roll), and rolls containing seafood are high in protein. The rolls are wrapped in nori (seaweed), soy, egg, or cucumber. They often include healthful vegetables, such as cucumber, carrots, and avocado. The delicate textures and fiery wasabi of sushi dishes make for surprisingly filling fare on their own or can be delicious seafood appetizers as part of a larger meal.

It Will Impress Your Friends

There is no doubt about it: sushi is hot right now. Your friends and associates will be impressed with your knowledgeable use of words such as ?California roll? and even more impressed if you dare to eat the raw fish included in a Nigiri roll. Sushi is quickly becoming a top cuisine around the world, and its popularity is sure to keep growing in the United States.

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