Fighting Obesity With Hummus Nutrition


Healthy hummus recipe

With the growing rates of diseases such as cancer and heart conditions, a large focus has been put on leading a healthier lifestyle. Many people may turn directly towards physical exercise at the gym or from jogging, all of which can be great. However, one factor that’s impact may be underestimated, is getting in the routine of good eating habits.

The hectic lifestyles that most people lead nowadays are not conducive to good health, considering the need for fast and cheap processed foods. Most people end up eating on the go at some point in their day. Rather than driving to the nearest drive through window, hummus spread can be an effective snack substitute.

It comes as no surprise that many people are unwilling to give up their favorite foods, especially meats, but using hummus as an alternative, at least a good portion of the time, can provide the same nutrients that meat would, but without the consequences. According to Canada’s Food Guide, 175 milliliters, or three-quarters of a cup, of hummus has the same nutritional value as a single Food Guide serving of meat.

One factor that contributes to hummus nutrition is the presence of folate. Foods rich in folate have been associated with lower risk of certain forms of cancer, such as colorectal cancers, as well as decreased risk of heart disease. Hummus dips actually contain about 36% of the suggested intake of folate in just one cup.

Once in the routine of regularly eating this snack, hummus nutritional value can shine through fat loss. a study published in 2014 in the Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences, found that people who consistently snack on different hummus recipes have a 53% less chance of being considered obese, and are 51% less likely to have high blood sugar.

It’s no easy feat to abide by a healthy eating routine in the modern world, but hummus nutrition can be an easy and pleasurable way to help. And with all of the different flavors of hummus available, everybody can find one that suits their tastes.

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