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What’s the Best Party Food? More Americans Say “Hummus”


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Recent studies indicate that a bit more attention is due the humble chickpea: hummus dip, or a thick dip made from chickpeas, lemon juice, garlic, and sesame seed paste, is trending online as a healthy alternative to dairy-based dips. People who report eating hummus on a regular basis also tend to test lower for body mass index ratios and have a lower instance, overall, of heart disease, experts report.

Hummus dip can be made at home or purchased at many grocery stores, and is often paired with guacamole dips made from avocado, tomato, and cilantro and presented to guests as party food. Many health-conscious football fans also report switching to hummus dip, which aficionados report pairs nicely with pretzels, chips, or bread.

Overall, eating beans — also known as legumes — more than three times a week has been associated by health experts as lowering the risk of heart disease. People have been eating chickpeas around the world for over 5,000 years and the bean is considered to be one of the earliest cultivars among ancient people.

And we are not getting enough beans, fruits, or vegetables in our diets, experts report. The vast majority of Americans do not consume enough beans weekly: a serving size of under two cups would fulfill our nutritional recommendations, but many Americans come up short when it is time to incorporate beans into lunch or dinner dishes.

Hummus fans report a nice flavor to the dip; many people who enjoy spicy foods report enjoying hummus due to the fact that it can be made much more spicy with the addition of hot sauce or even red pepper flakes. Guacamole and pico de gallo salsa, made with tomatoes and onions, can also be made hotter to suit individual taste preferences.

Vegetables and beans can aid in keeping weight at a lower level, experts say, and recipes with hummus can be customized with vegetables — red pepper hummus remains a popular option — and with garlic for a stronger flavor. Hummus spread recipes are widely available online and are accessible even to people who have not yet tried the dip for themselves.

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