Healthy Local Food Hummus chicken salad,Roasted garlic hummus dip,Salsa recipes Looking for a Healthy, Delicious Snack? Look no Farther — Hummus!

Looking for a Healthy, Delicious Snack? Look no Farther — Hummus!


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Do you like spicy snacks? Are you always the first one reaching for the hot sauce? Why isn?t spicy hummus dip your go to snack? Oh, because you don?t know about it, hang on a second, it will be.

So, What is Hummus?

Chickpeas, thought to be one of the earliest cultivated vegetables, were first discovered around 3000 B.C. and hummus, made from chickpeas, has a long and rich history, dating back to the 13th Century in the Middle East. Hummus is a dip or spread made from cooked, mashed chickpeas blended with spices, lemon juice, salt and garlic, among other things, depending on the hummus dip recipe. And those spices can always be amped up to make a spicy hummus dip for you heat lovers. There?s so many different hummus flavors!

And Why Do You Want to Eat Hummus Dips?

Most Americans don?t eat enough vegetables each day, and that includes nutrient rich beans. People only eat an average of a cup of vegetables a day, and just about 50% of the recommended amount of beans per week, although consuming three servings (or more) of fruit and vegetables a day was strongly associated with almost 30% lower stroke risk, more than 40% lower risk of stroke fatality, and 25% lower cardio vascular disease mortality rates.

Eating beans four or more times a week was strongly associated with a 22% lower risk of congenital heart defects, and an 11% lower risk of cardiovascular disease than eating beans less than once a week. Well, just two spoonfuls of hummus a day fulfills your bean recommendation for the entire week. And there?s no reason that can?t be spicy hummus dip, or any one of the many hummus recipes out there; hummus is very versatile.

It?s a no brainer:

  • Delicious, check.
  • Good for you, check.
  • There are different flavors of hummus, check.
  • You can have spicy hummus dip, check.

Now the only question is, who ate all my hummus?

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