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How Hummus Can Make Your Summertime Appetizers Tastier Than Ever

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Most people are used to bracing themselves for a long, cold winter, but when summer starts, they ditch the heavy foods of winter in favor of lighter fare that still packs a satisfying and flavorful punch. Summer is all about enjoying time outdoors with family, friends, and loved ones over delicious food. As the summertime temperatures continue to rise, so too does the demand for light finger foods and easy appetizers.

Sure, cucumber cups recipes, deviled egg recipes, and lettuce wrap recipes have long been classic summertime staples, but why not kick things up a notch this summer with hummus dips? This natural, flavorful, bean-based condiment is probably a lot more versatile than you ever imagined, and is the secret ingredient needed to create all of the easy appetizers that summertime demands.

If you’re wondering what to dip in hummus, the answer is just about anything! Hummus spreads and dips by themselves make great easy appetizers when paired with fresh cut vegetables, tortilla chips, pita bread, and more. For an exotic, unique twist on traditional hummus and vegetables, try substituting classic vegetables like celery or baby carrots with daikon, baby corn, snow peas, and others.

Hummus is excellent for creating great tasting yet simple, easy appetizers out of common household ingredients. For example, try pairing baked wheat crackers with a smear of hummus, a slice of chorizo, fresh onion, and thin slice of avocado for a tasty flavor combination. Or, for a sushi-inspired hummus appetizer, spread hummus over small leafs of lettuce and layer seaweed, sushi rice, a dab of cream cheese, avocado, with cooked crab meat or shrimp.

Aside from easy appetizers, hummus can also be used to cook and prepare large meals for summer get togethers. Did you know that you can use hummus as a base for homemade salad dressing? Or, that hummus can be used in marinades or as a substitute for mayonnaise in summer salads? By thinking outside the box of traditional summer foods, you can explore the versatility of hummus. Your taste buds and the taste buds of your summer guests will be happy you did!

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