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Could Your Heart Use Some Help? Garlic Hummus Dip May Be the Answer

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Are you in need of a healthy snack or meal that’s good for the heart and the stomach? You’ve probably tried hummus by now if you know that you need to lower your cholesterol intake and reduce fat and calories in your diet. But plain hummus doesn’t always cut it for everyone. One option that can add a little bit more hearth-healthiness to your diet is a roasted garlic hummus dip. Here are three reasons why you should give this variety a try:

    1. Garlic is actually good for you. Most people think of garlic as the stuff that warded off vampires in old movies. But in real life, garlic actually has a surprising number of health benefits. Garlic is heart healthy and is an excellent addition to anyone’s diet if they’re looking to lower cholesterol. This versatile herb has also been known to treat everything from cold and flu symptoms to various types of cancer, and it’s also good for those who need to watch their blood sugar.

    2. Hummus itself also has plenty of nutrients. Typical hummus nutrition facts shows that this food is low in fat and carbohydrates and can add protein to your diet. But there’s more to hummus than what you see on the label. Because hummus is low in fat and heart healthy, it provides an excellent option for those looking to maintain a healthy weight or lose a few pounds to get there. Those who consume hummus and legumes on a regular basis score higher in the Healthy Eating Index in terms of BMI and waist circumference. Consuming legumes (like chickpeas in hummus) also helps lower the risk of developing chronic heart disease by 22% and cardiovascular disease by 11%.

    3. Roasted garlic hummus dips taste delicious. If you like plain hummus and don’t think it needs much added to it to make it tasty, then garlic hummus dips made with roasted garlic may be what you need. This variety adds a little bit of flavor without a more intense taste, such as those found in spicy hummus dips.

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