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Aren’t You Tired of Killing Your Diet with Dessert?


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Did you know that, according to a study from Boston Medical Center, an estimated 45 million Americans go on a diet each and every year? Unfortunately, most of these people fail in their endeavors, tempted away from fitness by laziness, difficulty, or their culinary crutches. For me, the reason it took a decade to get the formula right is that I simply couldn’t give up my favorite postres.

Cake tres leches, flan, chocolate marble cake — you name the dessert and I guarantee I love it. So what changed? How was I finally able to be successful in my health goals? I learned to modify my favorite recetas de postres to make healthier but equally delicious versions. Want to know some of my tricks? Read on.

How to Enjoy Delicious Postres, Without Killing Your Diet

  • Stick with Unrefined Sweeteners
  • One of the worst ingredients in our favorite desserts is, you guessed it, sugar, specifically refined sugar. White and brown refined sugars have the unfortunate habit of spiking our sugar and then letting them drop rapidly. This has the effect of turning us into sleepy couch potatoes. If you want to avoid your doughy fate, The Better Mom, a cooking and lifestyle blog, suggests switching to natural, unrefined sweeteners. Honey, agave nectar, stevia — these items pack a lot of punch, without bringing calories and sugar crashes to the party.

  • Take Out the Fat
  • The healthy living website A Whole New Mom writes that one of the biggest and most effective changes people can make for healthier desserts is getting rid of any unnecessary fat. Now, you don’t want to get rid of the fat entirely; after all, fat is flavor. By removing olive oil or butter from the equation and substituting Greek yogurt or applesauce, however, you can get rid of the unnecessary fats, without taking drying out the cake or other confectionery in the process.

  • If you Have to Use Fat, Go with Natural Options
  • So what if you can’t remove the fat from your cookies, cake, or other postres without completely ruining their texture? In that case, Fitness suggests you simply make smarter choices when it comes to your fats. Margarine and heavily processed oils may taste great, but they’re terrible for your body. Coconut oil, organic butter, and other natural fats will still bring great flavors to your desserts, but they’ll do so without laying waste to your heart and other organs.

What are some of the ways you’ve tweaked your favorite recetas de postres to make them healthier? Share your cooking tips with us in the comments below. Find more. More can be found here.

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