Why Guacamole Is a Great Snack Food

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Guacamole recipe

You may have eaten guacamole in the past at Super Bowl party, an intimate gathering of friends, or just as a simple snack in between meals. But perhaps you’ve also asked your self “Is guacamole healthy?”

The short answer is “yes,” particular when compared to other snack dips that are on the market. But why is this the case? Whether you’re eating classic guacamole recipes or a different kind of spicy guacamole dip, the main ingredient in recipes using guacamole is avocado–a widely known “superfood.”

This is because the food is packed with healthy nutrients and properties that can help to stave off disease. The fats that it does contain are healthy and are considered necessary for quality diet.

If you are making your own guacamole, you’ll want to make sure that you use the most fresh ingredients. In addition to getting guacamole health benefits, the overall flavor will be at a much higher level. You may want to start with basic guacamole recipes, before graduating to including your own innovative ideas and distinctive ingredients. You may also find that you’ll want to pair it with other healthy foods you hadn’t even considered before.

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