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Why New Technology is Paramount in Today’s Corporate Conference Culture

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Meeting rooms used to be where professionals literally met and held their face-to-face business interactions. Conference rooms used to be the physical spaces where two parties (or more) could sit in each other’s company and hash out their ideas for building a better partnership. But today, modern technological advancements have rendered the actual dimensions of conference meeting rooms relatively bankrupt of meaning.

That is, of course, unless you’re a small business.

Startups across America (and really the world) can’t be taken seriously if they don’t have certain attributes for other companies to hold onto. Specifically, they need mailing addresses. They need professional equipment, especially computers. And they need spaces where they can meet their clients — either physically or virtually.

Laptops, tablets and smartphones have become part of conference meeting rooms.

As much as a “meeting” used to be about sitting down and squaring off against three or so other business associates, the times have changed. Now, “meetings” are about connecting with other parties, and today, the quickest, most cost-effective way to connect is through a free video conferencing service like Skype or Google Hangouts. But you don’t even need a proper computer to do it anymore. Expect the surge of smartphones and tablets to play a key role in business negotiations of the future.

Better software means better meetings and more profitable outcomes.

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, a conference room is a classy way to blend the old-school trappings of business with the new-school grasp of tech innovation. Statistics show that video conferencing is happening 41% in small rooms and 48% in medium-sized conference rooms, leading to the conclusion that being “on the pulse” of technology can actually translate into dollar signs. Show your potential clients that you’re ahead of the curve.

Web conferences mean you can take them anywhere.

Remember the old excuse, “I’ve gotta catch a flight to get back for a meeting?” It’s about as antiquated today as the idea of typing up a proposal on an old typewriter. Now, even on business trips, you just have to click to connect to your big meetings with your bosses or your clients. All you need is Internet access. The rest will happen organically.

Today, for the first time ever, it doesn’t matter whether you’re renting out office space in a sky-high tower downtown or in a simple, unassuming corporate building complex in the suburbs. What matters are the tech tools you’re using to connect with your customer base. Better toys often mean bigger business. Remember that the next time you’re looking to rent out conference meeting rooms.

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