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What Are the Costs and Benefits of Corporate Event Catering?


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One of the biggest business challenges of the 21st century is learning how to cope with rising costs. According to Forbes, healthcare costs for small businesses are expected to grow by 25 to 50% by the end of 2014. Keeping employees trained equals $1,200 per year, per employee, according to The New York Times. Hiring a new employee, as the Houston Chronicle points out, now costs anywhere from $5,505 to $9,444. In this economic climate, businesses, large and small, need to find ways to cut costs. Corporate event catering may be the solution.

What Are the Advantages of Corporate Event Catering?

  • Improved Productivity
  • Did you know, according to Forbes, that happy workers are 30% more productive than their unhappy counterparts? Unhappy employees cost your business nearly $300 billion annually, as statistics from Bloomberg Business Week show, in lost productivity as a result of a “disengagement crisis.” As Self Magazine writes, high quality foods, containing B-complex vitamins and high quality protein, all of which can be provided by corporate catering services, can greatly improve happiness in the workplace.

  • Reduce the Cost of Absenteeism
  • Recent statistics from Gallup show that American businesses lose $153 billion every year as a result of absenteeism. The biggest cause of absenteeism? Unhealthy employees. With 86% of American workers overweight or obese, it’s no wonder that sick days are ever more common. Through the high quality nutrition offered by corporate catering solutions, you can help your employees become healthier, and improve your bottom-line as you do so.

Corporate Event Catering Costs
As The Houston Chronicle suggests, catering costs generally start at $15 a person and go up from there. The price you’re given depends on the type of food you want, whether or not you need a full waiting staff, and your venue. The biggest variable, the food provided by your corporate event catering service, is usually broken down in the following ways.

  • Fixed Cost Catering
  • Fixed pricing is the best for businesses looking to maintain a definite budget for their catering events. As the name implies, each dish is set at a fixed price, allowing organizers to pick and choose what food will be offered with the greatest amount of control.

  • Variable Cost Catering
  • As Food Service Warehouse writes, variable cost catering exists in two forms: tiered pricing and custom pricing. Corporate event catering on a tiered scale will allow for cheaper food for bigger events. Bulk, as you likely know, is often cheaper. Custom pricing really has no limitations, making it one of the least popular options for corporate event catering. No price can be given until you tell the caterer exactly what you want.

Corporate event catering can be one of the most effective ways to improve workplace productivity and greatly reduce your annual losses from human resource problems. Keeping the costs in mind, corporate event catering services can help you shape catering events on your terms, ensuring you only gain from each experience. More info like this:

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