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Category: True leaves

May 18

4 Foods That Pair Well with Microgreens

While microgreens have only existed for 20-30 years, these edible items have certainly gained a lot of popularity. One reason that microgreens remain popular is due to how many uses this mini green has. Containing one set of true leaves, this edible mini food has taken the culinary world by storm. Considering that, here are four great uses for microgreens.

  • Addition To Fruit Smoothies

    Many people find that a smoothie tastes great and is an awesome way to stay healthy. Smoothies are incredibly versatile, meaning you can add a wide range of fruits and veggies into this drink. With that in mind, microgreens are a great addition to these drinks that help add a nutritional boost to any smoothie. These greens are already small in size which makes them easy to blend.

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Oct 16

From Flowers To Microgreens Unusual Edible Plants

Uses for crystallized viola

When it comes to food, there are two separate categories: what is comfortable, and what is daring. While some establishments are pleased to continue with the comfortable, fine dining restaurants with ambition are steering more towards the daring every day. There is an unsaid challenge for chefs to come up with meals that are both tasty and exciting. Now, it may seem easier said than done to make plants exciting. Whether you’re serving fruit or vegetables, it seems that edible plants are difficult to make new and groundbreaking — or are they? Specialty produce is a growing market, with many chefs now dabbling in microgreens and edible flowers. Where once these plants were seen as lar

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