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4 Foods That Pair Well with Microgreens

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While microgreens have only existed for 20-30 years, these edible items have certainly gained a lot of popularity. One reason that microgreens remain popular is due to how many uses this mini green has. Containing one set of true leaves, this edible mini food has taken the culinary world by storm. Considering that, here are four great uses for microgreens.

  • Addition To Fruit Smoothies

    Many people find that a smoothie tastes great and is an awesome way to stay healthy. Smoothies are incredibly versatile, meaning you can add a wide range of fruits and veggies into this drink. With that in mind, microgreens are a great addition to these drinks that help add a nutritional boost to any smoothie. These greens are already small in size which makes them easy to blend. If you prefer, you can simply sprinkle in the microgreens after your smoothie has been blended.
  • Perfect for Protein Shakes

    True leaves feed what will later become edible microgreens. In a similar manner, those wanting to stay in shape often get their energy from consuming protein shakes. Many people consume protein shakes to lose weight, gain muscle, or both. Unfortunately, many who exercise become so concerned with protein intake that they neglect getting their servings of greens. It’s important to note that vitamins and minerals play important functions in helping people to maintain a healthy weight. Therefore, microgreens work well for those who can sometimes forget to eat their vegetables throughout the day.
  • Tasty Topping for Pizzas

    While it’s important to eat healthily, you’ll likely have times where you want to indulge in one of your favorite guilty pleasure foods. With that in mind, many people choose pizza as their food of choice when it’s time to have a cheat meal. If you want to add vitamins and nutrients to your pizza, consider sprinkling microgreens on top. In addition to providing a bit of color, your slice will now be loaded with beneficial vitamins and nutrients.
  • Great in Sandwiches

    A stable of many people’s diet is the lunchtime sandwich. While this food is versatile, it can always benefit from containing healthier ingredients. With that in mind, consider spicing up your next sandwich by adding microgreens to it. You might find that placing microgreens in your sandwich one time becomes a lunchtime tradition. In addition, making use of the wide range of micro green varieties available can add many different flavor notes to your sandwich.

To summarize, there are many popular uses for microgreens. That being said, it’s best to avoid trying to grow microgreens on your own. The rating system for microgreens ranges from one which is the lowest to five being the highest quality. However, only microgreens with a rating of three are deemed marketable which is a difficult task to accomplish. It’s best to avoid the time, costs, and immense amounts of patience needed to successfully grow the true leaves that later become microgreens. Instead, you’ll be happy to know that you can purchase these items from a professional grower. This helps to ensure that you’re able to have microgreens in an instant.

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