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Category: Plain white paper cups

Mar 18

The Importance Of Coffee In The United States


In the United States, we love our coffee. From coffee in white paper coffee cups with plastic lids to coffee in a sturdy ceramic mug to iced coffee in a plastic cup lined with condensation, we will drink coffee out of almost anything. We love almost any kind of coffee too – iced coffee, mochas, lattes, cappuccinos, and plain coffee with creamer (or without, if you take your coffee black). In fact, without coffee, many of us would feel like we could not make it through the day. Coffee – and the caffeine it contains – helps to jump start many a morning. It gets people ready for work, gets parents ready to play with toddler who are way too excited for 6 am on a Saturday morning, it gets college students ready to pull

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Aug 17

America Loves Coffee What An Independent Cafe Needs To Know To Succeed In A Busy Industry

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How do you like your coffee? Are you the type that’s raring to go in the morning and need an Americano to keep your energy at its highest peak? Perhaps you’re a student that looks forward to a toasty mocha after classes as your personal pick-me-up. Coffee really is the sweet spot that everyone can relate to, from the caffeine perks to the delicious taste to all the fun varieties that can be conjured up at a moment’s notice. Independent coffee shops don’t just know these. They love being the key ingredient to a busy country.

Why does America love coffee so much? Chalk that up to a country that’s known for always being on the move. The retail value of the American coffee market is thought to be at nearly $48 billion. Specialty coffees, in particular, constitute over half of the ove

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