Healthy Local Food Plain white paper cups,Stir,Stir sticks Make sure that on the go has the same effect as the mugs that you keep in your cafe

Make sure that on the go has the same effect as the mugs that you keep in your cafe


Those cheap coffee mugs that you purchased for your café when you first opened are losing their importance every day. Coffee cups with lids have taken over the world. This is almost a fact considering that that roughly 50% of the population (or 150 million Americans) drink some type of coffee drink from espresso, iced/cold coffee to cappuccinos. Considering how many Americans chug down their flavorful liquid mud every day, remembering to purchase coffee cups with lids are an important part of any café owners day. However, couldn’t this be taken one step further with custom paper coffee cups with lids for your business to help with promotion?

Recent statistics have come to show that Americans consume roughly 1.64 cups of coffee on average per day. With personalized disposable coffee cups these paper coffee cups could be the thing that makes new customers walk through your door or ask those who are already drinking your coffee what they like best about your shop and why they should be trying your small business out next. With how important word of mouth is right along side how we take our coffee (35% of Americans would respond that they only drink it black!) conversations thanks to your coffee cups being customized could be the thing that brings in a whole crowd of new coffee drinkers to your counters.

While you can’t customize your sugar, stirrers, or even your creamer, custom paper cups are something that you do have control over and that you can in fact buy and control enough to represent your café.

It isn’t the cheap coffee mugs that your customers are going to remember or come back for. It is the coffee and the great service that is going to make it so that your customers want to come back. So why not give them something else to ponder and consider while they’re walking to their offices after picking up a great cup of coffee from your café? With your own custom paper cups you can be sure that your customers are both satisfied and happy with everything that they take from your shop.

When it comes down to the bottom line, they are the most important things. They keep your business running and your café paying your own home bills.

Before you pick up another box or more sleeves of those white disposable coffee cups that you’re so used to grabbing because they are cheap and easy to buy, give a second thought to finding custom cups that will represent your shop and have new customers asking questions about what your coffee tastes like and why they should come try it for themselves.

Personalize your coffee cups today and then maybe once you have these items perfected and attracting new customers you can move onto buying soup containers that will stand out in the minds of your customers too. But we’re not going to tell you to bite off more than you can handle. Just get your coffee cups under control first and then you can worry about just how profitable you can make your business with custom accessories with the name of your café on them.

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