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Jan 18

Why Has Pizza Remained A Worldwide Favorite Food?

Pizza in apex

Who doesn’t love a good pizza?

Sure, there are a few precious souls out there that can go a while without indulging in the cheesy decadence of this classic treat, but those that have accepted their Lord and savior have plenty to enjoy in the United States. Each state not only boasts its own history and unique culture, but an individual approach to the art of the pizza. New York has been a darling in many people’s eyes for decades and, when it comes to pizza, it just can’t be beat. How do you know the difference between a good pizza and a mediocre one? Let your taste buds do the talking…after you brush up on pizza’s history and what makes New York such a standout amid the competition.

What makes a pizza NY style? Let’s answer this question and then some!

The History Of

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Jan 18

Four Facts About Peanuts That You Didn’t Know Were Myths

Pecan benefits

Eating peanuts is practically a national pastime. Americans eat about 120 million pounds of peanut butter every year, and grow so much that we’re exporting around 350,000 metric tons of it a year, according the USDA. The main benefits of eating peanuts are that they provide a cost-effective source of protein, fiber, and some trace minerals. We also have a lot of peanut flour uses, as it makes a high-protein smoothie addition, a great gluten-free thickener for soups and gravies, or can be reconstituted to make peanut butter.

Peanut benefits also include various peanut oil uses. This oil is used to make some medicines, and by some people to treat eczema, constipation, hair loss, and in baby care products. An

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Jan 18

How to Plan a Mexican Themed Birthday Party

Taco party

Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate your upcoming birthday? Are you tired of the same house party that consists of eating pizza, playing a couple of games, and then calling it a night? One great way to spice up your house party is to create it around a theme. Throwing a Mexican night is sure to be a hit with your guests and is a great way to celebrate your birthday.

Do your research about Mexican parties
If you want to have a Mexican party that mimics an authentic Mexican party, make sure you do your research ahead of time. Learn about the party traditions, common food servings, and the decorations that Mexican parties include. It will make your themed party come together and your guests will enjoy the real Mexican party feel. One of the most popular parts of Mexican par

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Jan 18

Five Important Characteristics of a Corporate Dining Room

Cafeteria services

Many employers are including cafeteria vendors into their workspaces. Having onsite food options for employees carries many advantages including more productivity, income generation, and an overall increase in employee morale. It is important to choose cafeteria vendors that meet your business needs and that provide the most convenience to your employees. The following services are useful in a corporate cafeteria.

A large selection of food choices
People are more willing to eat their meals on site if they have many options to choose from. It is important to have a wide selection of food choices that cater to all food preferences and dietary restrictions. An estimated 45 million Americans go on a diet each year, so healthy meal choices are a must. You might even consider off

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