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Why Has Pizza Remained A Worldwide Favorite Food?


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Who doesn’t love a good pizza?

Sure, there are a few precious souls out there that can go a while without indulging in the cheesy decadence of this classic treat, but those that have accepted their Lord and savior have plenty to enjoy in the United States. Each state not only boasts its own history and unique culture, but an individual approach to the art of the pizza. New York has been a darling in many people’s eyes for decades and, when it comes to pizza, it just can’t be beat. How do you know the difference between a good pizza and a mediocre one? Let your taste buds do the talking…after you brush up on pizza’s history and what makes New York such a standout amid the competition.

What makes a pizza NY style? Let’s answer this question and then some!

The History Of Pizza

Pizza seems like it’s been around forever. That’s because it practically has! Originating in Italy (as well as a few surrounding countries with their own particular variations), this delicious flatbread has enjoyed steady success for centuries. There are paintings and texts describing its creation, style and variations dating all the way back to the 18th century. While flat breads have been around for far longer, what we know that ingredients for pizza have been gradually adapted from its historical counterparts to be one of the most sought after snacks, lunches and main courses.

Modern Pizza Trends

How do you like your pizza? Are you someone that prefers to make it as healthy a meal as possible or just load it with as many toppings as you can get away with? The way you like your pizza is practically a sub-culture and something many pizza restaurants take advantage of when crafting their menus. Pepperoni pizza has remained the most popular right after cheese, though never let it be said that this bread is stale! Artisan pizza is a much-beloved way of dolling up a classic with beautiful toppings, unique shapes and high-quality ingredients.

Popular Times To Chow Down

It’s always a good time to eat pizza. There are, however, better times than others. It’s estimated over 350 slices of pizza are eaten in the United States alone every single second. Add that up to three billion pizzas being sold in the country every year and you have a furious fixation! The Super Bowl is considered the most popular day of the year for pizza consumption, with around 70% of people who watch sports eating at least one slice of pizza. Weekends, nights and other holidays (such as the Fourth Of July) are also common choices for pizza lovers.

New York’s Classic Pizza Style

We’ve looked at the difference between historical and modern pizza. What makes a pizza NY style, though? Over 80% of pizzerias in the United States offer delivery and many of them try to mimic the classic approach New York, quite literally, brings to the table. As explored above, some toppings are more common than others — National Today found cheese, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms and bacon to be American favorites. The very first pizzeria to be established in the country actually came from New York, which can tell you something about what they know! A New York pizza is hand-tossed, big and always made to go.

What Defines Good Pizza In The States

When you ask what makes a pizza NY style, you ask about your own history and your own taste in food. There’s nothing quite like a piping hot pizza to bring people together and temporarily push the worries away. Pizza accounts for a staggering 60% of the American online food delivery market and more artisan pizzerias are enjoying steady success on Twitter and Instagram for their artistic, decadent creations. If you have catering needs you don’t have to look very far to find a pizzeria that does catering for the office or can provide you some extra support during a big end-of-the-year event.

Feeling hungry? Now that you know what makes a pizza NY style, enjoy your next round of oily goodness with a bit more zest!

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