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Your Guide to the Best Chinese Food Ever!

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When you hear “Chinese food,” a dozen delectable dishes probably pop into your mind. Kung Pao chicken, lo mein, steamed dumplings, and egg drop soup are some of the most popular Chinese dishes in America. While we associate these dishes with China, the truth is that Chinese food has been greatly Americanized in the west. To get the real, genuine, and best Chinese food ever, you need to hop on a plane and take a trip to Southern China. This video outlines each and every food you need to try while you’re there.

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With such a densely populated area, there are bound to be tons of different restaurants to try. Out of the countless delicious Chinese foods that you can try, this video chooses to highlight some of the top contenders for the best. Fish skin salad is something that customers will line up down the street to buy, mixing several different flavors and textures into one glorious dish. Additionally, cheong fen and baiqieji chicken bring a soft and flavorful meat dish to the table. If you’re a fan of seafood, southern china boasts some of the most fresh and delicious seafood restaurants you’ll ever visit.


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